Wednesday, August 23, 2017

A not so quick project

WWF Indonesia held an animation challenge called "Tigernimation". As you may already guess, it's about protecting Tigers. The deadline was at August 10, I didn't really have time, because I was handling many projects. But... it's a challenge and I like challenge.

So I collected unused exam papers (I have my own source) and made handdrawn animation.
 What so called quick project was not a really quick project. Because the tracing desk was too tall, I got back pain and stiff (and blistered) hand.

 But the animation was finished at August 2nd. I was planning to upload it at August 9 but... They postponed the deadline to August 25.

 I know the audio is crappy, and I certainly could do better with the visualization but no. I really have jobs to do, so I left it as it is.
And if you search "Tigernimation" in instagram, you will find a lot of good animations. So I kinda happy I made handdrawn and rustic animation, because if I made digital and colorful animation there are way too much animation with pretty visualization and technique.

 Anyway, this project was really fun. Drawing on exam paper is actually really entertaining. I specifically choose papers with a lot of numbers/ math formula on it.
 Of course I already ask permission to use them. If I didn't use the paper for the animation, the paper would end up as a food wrapper or I don't know, trash? By the way there are a lot of empty answer, what a waste of paper right?

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