Monday, May 27, 2013

Playing with the Eximus Ultra Wide and Slim Camera

Few weeks ago I went to Malang with the new extended family.
Specially for this occasion, I bought an Eximus Ultra Wide and Slim Camera.

it's green, my favorite tone of green.

After using digital camera for years, it's weird to use film camera again and unable to see the result before the whole roll processed.  I didn't even know whether I used it correctly or not.  I already forgot all the photography basic and just blindly shot everything. when everybody else already posted and shared their pictures, I still have to wait some extra days to find the place to process the film. it's exciting, just like waiting for the Christmas day to open the gift.  Here's the result:

Batu Secret Zoo

my favorite pic: the sugar cane field

the result is not really that special cause the object itself already interesting, the objects still look good captured by a normal camera phone.  There are some failed pictures because of lack of light, cause there's no flashlight. And there are also some other amateur mistakes but turn out to be interesting pictures.

me taking a picture of my sister taking a picture of her husband taking a picture of an elephant
Haunted mansion with a... ghost?  no, that's my dad :p

something you won't get when using digital camera