Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Picmonkey: a free online photo editor

since I moved to Jakarta, I got more time to spend for photoshop but less time to take picture outdoor.
tho I have plenty of time, there would be many more reason not to take pictures outside, it's Jakarta!
compared to the pictures I took last year and the years before, the background of my pictures lately are too predictable, that's why editing picture become essential.
the bad news is I don't have photoshop in my netbook.  I installed GIMP but editing picture using a 10 inch netbook is tricky.
Now I know why people love instagram!
then again, I don't have real smartphone to even try instagram.
thankfully, there's PicMonkey, a free online photo editor.
it's easy to use (even for a photoshop dummy)
go... go try it, there's no registration required :)

ah... so Hipster!