Monday, May 12, 2008

Introducing: Bonny Bunny

Finally after so many months, I am introducing Bonny the amigurumi-bunny girl!

I made it using the amineko pattern ( yes that famous amigurumi pattern), but in the end I change the ears and the tail, so it doesn't look like a cat anymore.

I change the eyes too, because, you see, the big eyes are my trademark. It makes her looks more creepy and more like a rat than a rabbit because her color is black. So I made her the pink-dress which was based on some pattern in a French pattern book. Well of course, I am not fully understand French, so I mix some pattern from different doll. And I think it still worked! I like her that I bring her on my bag around the town after I finished her.

She was my third, also my second amigurumi, because I haven't finished my first amigurumi. Maybe other people won't spend so many time just to make a simple amigurumi like Bonny. I am to lazy, and too tired of my primary job that I hardly get some time to sit and crochetting.

for more photos of Bonny Bunny click here