Friday, June 15, 2012

Crochet meet visual design

I more likely to introduce myself as a knitter or animator than a graphic designer.  I don't have such confidence to be called a graphic designer.  However, for the Worldwide Knitting in Public event, I tried to give my best designing skill instead of selling my amigurumi (crocheted doll).
I will meet a lot of knitters, probably the best of the best Indonesian knitters, they could easily make amigurumi, if they wanted to.
so, this time, I designed various printed pattern/ guide. to make it more appealing during the bazzar, I designed the display too.

I use a woven basket from Cikini Train Station for the base, then add some recycled boxes to place the items.
it was basically coffee box I collected, then covered it with brown paper (called samson paper).  and instead of using glue, I sew it on using hot pink thread.

I also add some hot pink crocheted lace to make them cuter and to fit my blog identity. Then finally add some printed label for additional informations.

I had some extra days to make a neon green amigurumi with pink nose to guard the items.  and of course he has to knit for the worldwide knit in public event :)

wanna meet the neon green man?
come to the Worldwide knit in public Bazzaar at Museum Tekstil Jakarta,
June 17th 2012 starting from 9 AM till 4 PM.
I will be collaborating with my colleague from Gondangdia Afterwork.