Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hellofest 9

There is less than 2 months before 2014.
It's been an exciting year.  I'm still expecting a few more "fireworks" before the 2013 is over.
But last week's fireworks was so exciting that I think it's already safe to say that it's an awesome year!

I spent my last weekend at Hellofest, the biggest pop culture festival in Indonesia.
One of my animation, Lulu, was screened on a big screen by the swimming pool, with about 4000 audience.

That was a very awesome moment, I wish I made a better animation to show, cause there were 102 movies which were screened that night.  My animation just one of it, and the other movies are so good that I wanna watch them all over again.

Oh,  and there was also my 8 seconds movie, screened that night. The title was Simalakama.
Here's my ID card for the Hellofest. 

 There are also "kartu voting" or voting card, to vote the favorite animation and movie.  I didn't return the cards since I wanna keep it for souvenir. But I'm so glad that my favorite animation "Sang Suporter" and my favorite movie "Bank Note" still won. 

The day before the Hellofest, as one of the finalist, I got a free invitation to the "Hellofest Masterclass".   The contributors were Kieran Argo and Jun Awazu.  I learn and found out many things from them about movie festival and producing animation.  I feel like I found another purpose in my life as an animator.  
After being an animator for years, I thought there was nothing more that I could do, but now there is! And it's gonna be a long way, so I better start now.

A film cut from Jun Awazu's Negadon. He gave it away after the Negadon's screening as a souvenir to the audience.

Oh by the way, I didn't win, but I already feel happy for this exciting experience. It's priceless.  I hope I can do better in the future and participating again on the next hellofest. Thanks Hellofest :)

Saturday, October 26, 2013

NomNom and the BIAF award

I was participating on a short animation idea competition held by BIAF (Baros Animation Festival).  So I made a story, design character, storyboard, and of course the concept of an animation.  The theme was deforestation and reforestation.
The character for my animation named NomNom, a monster who lives in the forest and eat everything. He can eat as much as he can, and once he started, he can't stop before everything is gone.
the same problem with deforestation,  the deforestation major cause is actually not illegal logging but the greediness, and we (who live in the city) share the same responsibility as the people who cuts the tree.
NomNom eat more than he needs and before he realize, everything has gone.  Pretty similar to what happen to human.  NomNom is a cute monster, and human could also become a monster.  So Are You a NomNom?
I designed the short animation as a part of a campaign, so I also designed a website too.
all this was just a concept, if you are an organization or institution who concern about environmental issue and you are interested to funding or working together to make this project comes true, please contact me :)

NomNom and the trophy
the animation sample were made in 2D, but there's a possibility that it could be done using stopmotion.

NomNom and The Forest.
The forest is designed like a wide cloth that could be pulled like a blanket

the website design,  there are actually some more pages.  it's just a dummy, I just grab some logos of the organization and institution who are concern about environmental issue.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

That's me... Me... Me!

it's just the semifinal, I don't have the confindence that I will be on the final so...
I won't wait for the next moment of fame, cause the chance is low.
Let's celebrate that I'm on the Hellofest's animation competition semifinal with my 6 animations.
quantity over quality and I'm proud of that.

PS: sorry for being lame :p

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Hiro My Hero

I made this animation for Axa Short Movie Competition.  Tonight is the awarding night.  I failed at the very beginning so I don't really care who's winning, cause I'm definitely lost.   I'm still in denial, I know my animation is not extraordinary, and I know it wouldn't win but... ah forget it I'm not a good looser.

the theme is: Saya Berani (I am brave or I Dare).  Since the competition was held by AXA, that insurance company, I was looking for some kind of stupidity bravery which result siliness (and damage) but still got covered by the insurance.  The inspiration come from my sister who was once collapsed after bitten by my dog.  I must admit the final story is not really fit the theme, but I had a lot of fun making story about dog.

as you can see, I only use red, white, blue and brown for the whole animation.  very "AXA".  and again, it's not the "AXA"ness that they are looking for.  it's your lost, AXA :P

Monday, May 27, 2013

Playing with the Eximus Ultra Wide and Slim Camera

Few weeks ago I went to Malang with the new extended family.
Specially for this occasion, I bought an Eximus Ultra Wide and Slim Camera.

it's green, my favorite tone of green.

After using digital camera for years, it's weird to use film camera again and unable to see the result before the whole roll processed.  I didn't even know whether I used it correctly or not.  I already forgot all the photography basic and just blindly shot everything. when everybody else already posted and shared their pictures, I still have to wait some extra days to find the place to process the film. it's exciting, just like waiting for the Christmas day to open the gift.  Here's the result:

Batu Secret Zoo

my favorite pic: the sugar cane field

the result is not really that special cause the object itself already interesting, the objects still look good captured by a normal camera phone.  There are some failed pictures because of lack of light, cause there's no flashlight. And there are also some other amateur mistakes but turn out to be interesting pictures.

me taking a picture of my sister taking a picture of her husband taking a picture of an elephant
Haunted mansion with a... ghost?  no, that's my dad :p

something you won't get when using digital camera

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Sea of Inspiration

The Beach and The sea always be my favorite scene to draw.  I don't know how many time I made designed (never being animated) animations with the sea as the background.

like this one I found from my archive. It's one of the illustration for an animation I never made.  Despite its bright scenery, the title was "dear tortoise" and the story was about a griefing hare.  it's too sad that I don't want to finished the script.

"Dear Tortoise"

And then, There's also "ke laut yok" (let's go to the sea).   I originally designed the character for comic, but later published it as comic strip. I though of making the animation version (more like a music clip), but back then I was busy working on college assignment. The story was about three teenagers found a boy who is stranded in an island and there's no logical explanation of how.  

  Ke Laut Yok

The story inspired another animation I made together with my friends.  The animation title is "Si Bodoh" and of course 90% of the story changed into a very different animation.  too bad my hard disk drive was stolen, I don't have the copy of "Si Bodoh" :(
The animations was very rough, we work in a team of four with different style of drawing, and we were a total amateur.  Thanks to the solid team work and good presentation, we got A.

The latest one is "Cece & Cece", animation for my sister's wedding invitation.  Last year on her birthday, she asked no gift but an animation for her wedding.  My sister's fiance's name is Caesar who is called "Cece", and my sister's name is Severine, who is called "Cece" too by our nephew.  it was started as a prank, my nephew who was 1 years old back then called me "Cici" cause he can't say my name, so I taught my nephew to call my sister as "Cece" cause it's resembled Caesar's nickname (they were just started dating back then and of course she asked for this animation after they got engaged, about two years later)

Cece and Cece

The first animation  design was like the above, cause I wanted to make some experiment using black and pink, and the theme was the same as the wedding: the sea.  She asked me to make the animation since October but all I made was that picture.  I didn't have inspirations for the story.  I could think of various slapstick story or cheap romantic story, but I don't think it fits my sister image, and of course I don't want to be rude to my future brother in law.  so I didn't use this design at all and totally change it few days before the deadline :p

There are actually more animations with sea or water or beach theme that I ever made, but I will safe it for the next time.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

AgentC- backgrounds and icons design

at the late 2011 I designed some backgrounds and icons for a mobile game for Adhi.
back then I didn't know the title yet, but more or less I was told that it was going to be some type of pet game.
Few days ago, I e-mailed Adhi and found out that the game is already published (many times ago).  You can download the game here.
though before this project, I have spent my last 4 years designing game assets, I rarely got task to design game background.  and just look at my animations, I rarely put any backgrounds on it.  so I found this job challenging yet fun to do.  Cause, I never thought I could do background designs before.

This is one of my favorite cause I love the purple-ish sky, and the balcony.

Friday, February 08, 2013

PSA: Beruang Putih

Beruang Kutub from dessy TAB on Vimeo.

it's the last PSA animation I made using my belated netbook last year.
yes, netbook.
the animation begins with the Polar Bear naration "Were I a Polar Bear"
it tells how the polar bear angry at those who takes part on damaging the environment.

Doodling Daisy

something fresh from the oven :)
I'm in mood to draw in pastel colors

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Rejected design: a chef animated gif

I'm crazy about contest, that's not a secret. I  lost so many times, so I no longer cry everytime lost.
this one is exception, I wasn't sad, I was furious!
this gif were made for a design contest, they asked for an animated gif of a chef "baking up a new site".  the contest holder change the brief multiple times.
up to this day,  I still can't get it why I was lost since the winning animation is fugly. it's my very honest and objective opinion.
I made this animation using inkscape and photoshop.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Rejected design: a cat illustration

Again, from the archive, an unpublished design.
rejected design, it was an illustration for a birthday party.
no.. it's not my birthday, read it carefully, it's 20-10-2012, not 20-12-2012 :)
tho it is rejected I kinda proud of this illustration, since I'm not a big fans of feline.

From the Archive: Game Design

while I wasn't actively design many things at the past few years, I actually have some artwork that I haven't share.  Like this one.  I made this at 2011 as a test to be a game artist in a game studio. The test was to design a background for fighting game and one character design.

as you can guess, I was inspired by Venetia, and the masked hero is of course based on Venetian masquerade party.  Believe me or not it was the first time I draw a full background from scratch.  I love the moon. (fyi, I passed the test, but foolish me became to greedy).

Below, is another test for another game studio.  The test was to make a character design.  the studio didn't even reply my e-mail T-T.  No hard feelings, anyway.

by the way, I also made some icons and background for a real game, but since I haven't ask permission to publish it here I can't share it yet.
Oh, if you have any game project and need to design some game asset, do not hesitate to contact me ;)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Animator has return!

when I was reviewing the past year, I felt dillemmatic cause at one side it's been a very good year for my crafting activity, but at the other side, I've been a very passive designer.
I just waste my 2012 by doing nothing as a designer.
(Oh, I got paid as a designer/ animator/ visualizer whatsoever in a company, but it doesn't  count for some particular reasons)
So I was very happy when I was commisioned to make animation for Cyrosella earlier this year.  it's a short project but it's love, cause all I can say is I Love Love Love doing this job.
it reminds me how I love making animations.  and the best part is I can proudly say, I'm back.  The animator has return :)

Thanks Cyrosella for trusting me.
and thanks nicotina for the great song