Thursday, November 06, 2014

Leipzig 2014

So I was preparing a kebaya for some event, called my mom for a suggestion, thinking of going on a diet (NO WAY! LOL) when I got another call.  This time it was from IFI (Institut Français Indonesie),  so my proposal for an animation program got accepted.  There are 3 participant, 2 of them would be sent to Leipzig in a week, and the other one would be sent to Annecy next year.  OKAY it’s a roullete now.  It’s a win win thing. but going to German within a week could be challenging.  As you know Indonesia is a tropical country and it is Autumn in German.  I don’t even have any jacket.  So I called my mom, told her to forget about the Kebaya, I need warm clothes, just in case.

The IFI didn’t call for days, till suddenly at Wednesday I got a call: “Congratulation, you will go to Leipzig next week!”.  I can’t say that I was happy that time. I meant I haven’t prepared anything.  Of course it was exciting, and I’m happy, but I was more panic than happy.  The very next day I have to applied for a Visa.  Thanks to Katrin Sohns from Goethe Institut, the Visa application went smoothly, by Friday we already got the Visa and ticket to go to German at Sunday.  Thanks to Mbak Pia Maria who helped me making a travelling insurance.  Thanks to my Mom who especially prepared a big luggage full of warm clothes that I need even borrowed me  some euros.  Love you, Mom, I can't do anything without you :*

I went to 3 money changer on Friday, 2 of them don’t have any euros.  I wonder why.  Thankfully I got some euros, because my credit card didn’t work in German. I wonder why.
Thanks to the manager at the company, Kak Kus who allow me to take the day off in a short notice.  Cause it could be a once in a lifetime chance, there’s no way to skip it.  I kinda hope this once in a lifetime chance happens more :p

Thanks to my sister and her husband who drive me to the airport.  I met Johan Tri Handoyo at the airport.  Johan is the other participant who went to Leipzig with me.  It’s kinda funny, because it’s the third time we met at an animation event.  The first one was at Increfest, an animation and software festival in Bandung, he won the first prize, I won the best character design.  The second one was at The ASEAN Animation contest, so we both went to Bangkok together, shop together, and now went to Leipzig together again.  By the way, Johan and Me were studied at the same college but at the different year and different subject and both are from Bandung, both have “Tri” as middle name.  It’s strange to hear the recepsionist call me Miss Tri although my family name is Bambang.

Because there’s no direct flight to Leipzig, We took a plane to Abu Dabhi, then another plane to Berlin.  From Berlin we took the ICE Train to Leipzig Hopbahnhof.  It felt like a dream suddenly arrived in a very cold and different place compared to the 33 Celcius Jakarta :)
The Abu Dabhi airport roof, it's really crowded!

a picture of strangers at the Berlin train station LOL.

inside The Berlin Hopbahnhof

Thanks to Johan who is a better communicator, when we have the trouble at the hotel (check-in misscomunication), he took care of it, while me sleep peacefully, not knowing about the problem until next morning.  Thanks to Katrin Sohn again and Verene Lehmkuhl.
So basically we made it to Leipzig thanks to the help of many people :)

We were so tired as we arrived at the Hotel, we took some hours of break before going to the DokLeipzig Opening Ceremony.  

a view from the hotel's window.

OH I missed to write, that the reason we went to Leipzig was to go to 57th DokLeipzig Festival.  It’s a documentary film and animation festival.  To be honest I didn’t know anything about this festival before we go there.  Before we departed from there I was having nightmare because I read that Leipzig is a city for bycicling.  So I tried learning to bike, but failed, ended up having stiff legs.  Thankfully, we don’t have to ride a bike at all because all the venue is in walking distance.  I wanna punch Queen for singing “I want to ride my bycicle” song in my ears.


 before the opening ceremony of DokLeipzig

Passage Kinos, one of the Dok Leipzig Venue

Everything is amazing.  even the doors are amazingly heavy and big.  During the opening ceremony, there was a screening of Citizen Four, a documentary film about Snowden.  I rarely read news but He was on some news that I accidentaly read, something about how we lost our privacy when we used internet.  The Festival director during the speech said that the film considered ilegal, but we were so lucky to be able to watch it.  Indeed, I’m very lucky :)
The next day, we met Annegret Richter, the head of the Animation category of DokLeipzig.  She told us a lot about the program, and gave suggestion on which program to watch and join.  So, as her suggestion, we booked all of the animation screening program, and went to animaTalk to have a discussion with another animation directors.

It’s hard to pick my favorite animation on the festival because every animation is unique.  The technique and visual approach are very different to common animation in Indonesia.  it’s no longer just about 2D or 3D or stop animation. (I think I will make another post about this).
Since DokLeipzig is originally a documentary film festival, some of the animations are documentary animation.  What so special about the documentary animation is that the animation show things that no longer exist or protect the subject on the animation.  As example, the animation “Suleima” which is a documentary about a female activist in Syria, the identity is hidden and reanimated with the character called Suleima.  The other exciting thing is, this Film Festival is an international film festival, so we could see the world from various side, even the same war could be told in different story. 
The topic is not limited to heavy subject like war or politic, but also about family, love, and life.  Some are seriously funny, you didn’t even think it was actually a documentary like my favorite: Mend and Make Do.
There were also a special program called Animation by Kids. Like the title, the animations are created by Kids, I think they were 9 years old to maybe 16 years old.  The program was in German language without translation, so I don’t really understand.  The theater was full, even some of the parents had to wait outside so the children could watch it.  Me, of course watching it alone, I don’t have kids and I was so worried that they would ask me to get out because I was too old :D
The program shows that everybody could make an animation. it reminds me that animation is not just a moving picture and it’s really fun to make an animation.  I wish someday Indonesia has this kind of project, cause recently animation in Indonesia is not considered as art but more like an industrial product :(

At Saturday, we went to the screening of Jalanan by Daniel Ziv.  The movie is about 3 buskers from Indonesia.  Few months ago this movie was also screened at Chopshots Festival (held by Goethe Institut).  Back then I missed the screening because I was watching documentary animation program at Chopshot, so this time I didn’t want to miss it.  It’s really exciting to watch film about Indonesia created by foreigner and the screened in German.  The audience reaction was very good, some didn’t believe the film, even ask when was the film made, because it was too good to be true.  Because they read how Jakarta is full of violence and intolerance. So thanks to Daniel Ziv who had show a different side of Jakarta :).  I wish I could do that too.

Me, Daniel Ziv & Johan

On Sunday, there were only awarding ceremony and screening, so Johan suggested that we took the tram to sightseeing, so we did.  Leipzig is a vey tranquil and clean town.  It’s as if I was in Professor Layton’s world, except this is German, not UK.  
after 2 hours tram ride, Me and Johan decided to meet another Johann (but with double N), Johann Sebastian Bach.  We visited the Thomaskirche and then the Bach Museum.  The entry ticket was 8 Euro, but it’s really worth it.  Although I never or maybe didn’t aware of any Bach’s Composition, the Museum is really a place to visit.  I really love the interactivity, something that haven’t be applied in Indonesian Museum.  Too bad, we can’t take a picture there.  Jokowi, please send some spies there to learn how to make a fun museum.

 a miniature of Thomaskirche, but I think maybe it's more like a map for blind people, because there are some brailles on it.

Later we went to another museum.  The museum has a lot of collection from Palleolithicum Era, but somehow the English language extinct after the era, so we don’t know what is what.  Then we go upstair to the Modern Year Museum, it’s another fun and interactive museum.  It would be such a shame if the Leipziger never come to the museum since they have very fun museum to visit.

By the way I ate a lot of Sausages while we were in German (I usually living a semi-vegetarian diet in Jakarta, but nobody believe it).  I was surprised when I bought currywurst, because what they meant by curry is more like a lot of sauces, not curry like kari or something like gulai :D

 umm.. this is not a sausages, I don't know what it was, it's seriously delicious :p

I was planning to buy souvenirs at the Mall after the Museum visit.  The Mall is closed at 6 PM.  That’s really odd for Indonesian or maybe Asian. Cause Asian love late night shopping.  The Mall is also closed at Friday (October 31st), so I’m really sorry that I can’t buy souvenirs for my friends.  At least for me, going abroad or out of town equals shopping time.  Sorry, I can’t do it this time.

I'm partly grateful this shop was closed.  it's too cute!

On Monday, Me and Johan leave Leipzig for Berlin.  We went to Franzoschise Straße to meet Findri, an ex-worker from Goethe Jakarta.  We have lunch at the Ritter Sport Schoko Museum.  Thanks Findri, for spending your time with us and all your help, especially on explaining how cool is Berlin.  I owe you a Nasi Padang :) Using Findri direction, we visited Bradenburgh Gate. YES. WE ARE NOW OFFICIALLY VISITED BERLIN :D

We then visited some of the monument nearby, and then go back to the Sunflower Hostel.  The Hostel is very unique.  it’s my very first time staying in a hostel, might not be my last time.  The Hostel owner is into reggae music.  I like reggae, so I kinda feel like a little bit at home, it would be a lot like home if He played dangdut, anyway :p

 there are grafitti in every parts of the hotel. Cool!

The Hostel rules:
"We can provide alarm clock of a deposit at 6 Euro, Or get our special service fo 10 Euro, a personal appearance with bucket of water, a cup of coffee and a smile!"

Earlier in the morning, we checked-out, and then went to the airport.  I have some very last minute shopping. it’s not much but I got this Picture Book about Berlin for my sister.  She loves book, books with words, this book only got pictures but I believe it’s a cool collection.  I don’t like reading but I love bookstore, I visited almost every bookstore, and of course I had to buy a knitting book cause I like knitting.  I don’t understand any words in it,  the shopkeeper (who was very kind and friendly) said “oh so you really like knitting and bla bla bla bla” (in Germany, but I only understand he said I love knitting). I just smiled.

We arrived at Jakarta at 23:08, then I took a DAMRI Bus to Gambir. it was the last bus, so Lucky I got that bus cause there are a lot of fake taxi.  The taxi drivers tried their very best to lie by saying there’s no more shuttle car or Bus.   They lied, of course. There were only 3 passanger, 1 driver and 1 vice-driver (let’s pretend that’s a real term), but I arrived at Gambir safely.  From Gambir, I still need to take the taxi or bajaj.
Bajaj was never the option.  Riding a bajaj from the train station is always more expensive than taking taxi.   They said it’s also dangerous to take a taxi at night, exspecially a random taxi, with no argometer.  Well  if I rode a killer’s vehicle, I would prefer car over bajaj.  Let me  have that luxury. 
The taxi driver tried to scam me, he asked minimum tariff which is 35000 IDR.  it’s a scam because minimum tariff is usually just 15000 IDR.  it’s past midnight, so I don’t have any choice but argued with him.  I think jetlag makes me stupid.  What am I thinking, arguing with a strangers in the middle of the night? I almost cursed him but He took the bargain at 25000 (he’s old, so I can’t really cursed him).  I don’t have 5000 so I paid him 30000 anyway with smile, he smiled too. at least he asked for rupiah not euros.  it’s really nice to be back at the sauna.  My boarding house’s room without AC.

Finally the trip is over.  There are some place that I still want to visit, but there’s no regret cause one way or another I will surely go to Leipzig again, maybe to the DokLeipzig as the participant. Wish Me Luck!

Oh right, I still have to prepare for my Kebaya.  How do I get a Kebaya. Oh My God.

Judi Tahunan

I have an unofficial schedule called: Judi Tahunan (Yearly Gambling).   As you may know I have a fulltime job at an educational software company.  I kinda like this job and I want to keep it as long as I could, but as an artist, I need to have my own project whether yarn related stuff or animation.   I promised myself that I would make at least one animation a year or an amigurumi every months.  The simplest way (not easy, just simple) to get fund for the animation is by sending it to the competition or festival.  Even though I didn’t win I could get a motivation to create the animation and show it to the audience.  Last year my animation got screened at Hellofest 2013, it was the best feeling I ever had as an animator, it felt even better than winning previous contests.

I don’t remember what I’ve done from January to March, I only remember that I started my Judi Tahunan at April 2014 by joining an animation competition held by a book publisher.  It was my very first horror themed animation, inspired by Eunice Nuh’s Poem: Seribu Mata (thousand eyes). the art was inspired by iOS Game: Yearwalk by Simogo.  It’s also the very first time I work with a narrator, Sari Kemala who is also a narrator at the company. The BGM and SFX was created  by Sandi Mardiansyah, a very good friend of mine who was a coworker at ZeusBox Studio.

The character (the girl) is based on Miriam, the girl from “ Si Manis Jembatan Ancol” , a popular ghost TV series back at the 90s.  At the TV series, Miriam braided her hair and she was bringing a food canteen for her boyfriend, a painter, but she got rape by some drunk men and murdered at the Ancol Bridge.  Later she became a ghost, a pretty ghost with white mini dress and long hair.

I didn’t win, but that’s not the worst thing.  Since it is based on a book and copyrighted, I can’t show this animation without screening right by the publisher and the author.  I already contacted Eunice Nuh, the author, and I already show this to her, she says she liked it.  I tried to contact the publisher so I could share it on youtube, and they said they will screened it on their own youtube channel after the contest over.  However, up to this day, this animation remain hidden.  
I though of uploading this animation secretly, and share it as a “cursed” video, so it would go viral, anybody who saw it will have constipation in 7 days.  No… it’s not The Ring :D

Then from May to August I worked on the animation for the ASEAN Animation Festival 2014.  I think I really hit the jackpot, thanks to this Festival, I got not one but two trips to Bangkok :).  I think it’s the best contest I ever joined.  Thailand has the best hospitality as the event holder.  They not only make a great ceremonial event, but also arranged a city tour for the participant.  Now I really love Bangkok and the people.  I also made some friends from the other ASEAN countries. it’s kinda funny we lived as a neighbour but know almost nothing about their culture.  Now I’m considering to visit Myanmar, because the winner of the contest came from Myanmar.  so I really would like to know the place who inspired them.

I became greedy, while waiting for the result for the first round of ASEAN Animation contest, I started making an animation about Earthquake for another animation contest.  I got my bachelor degree by making an animation series about Earthquake, so I still have a lot of references about this topic.  The challenge was to make a new animation about earthquake.  I decided to make a  more fun animation so the character were Bambang Bombay & Brambang.  it’s a pun of my family name: Bambang.  Onion in bahasa called Bawang Bombay, and shallot in bahasa called Bawang Merah or Brambang (if it’s fried).  Bawang. Bambang.  Do you see the similarity? 
why do I use onion or vegetable as the character?  Because I was bored of using animal and human character.  And Nature is the best teacher right? Vegetable and plant are part of the nature.  And... you can't learn about earthquake without knowing that Earth consist of many layers.  As Shrek said, Onion has a lot of layers, right :)
I didn’t finish the animation, because later I was working on the ASEAN animation. but maybe someday I would finish this animation.

From July to September I also worked on some project with my recurrent client.  I was very busy and tired with work, contest, and side project.  So by the end of the project I decided to take a break while sending submission to a residency program.  It felt funny to suddenly not doing anything beside my fulltime job.  So I go shop a lot, watch a lot of movie, even the crappy movie,  it gave a great damage to my wallet :p  I even bought a PS Vita, because I was so bored I didn’t have a mood to knit.

During the shortbreak, I made a very short animation called “Televisi” or Television. a short animation about energy (electricity to be precise).  I made it for Festival Sadar Energi, a festival about saving energy. The animation is done within 2 days, and the sound was made by Sandi Mardiansyah again.  and YEAH, I got a bad pain in the shoulder because of this animation marathon.
The animation didn’t win, but it’s really fun to make the pooping toaster scene.  (I didn’t make a typo).  

The festival was held by the ministry of energy (actually I forgot), and there was an awarding night near the place I lived, but it’s a closed event.  I didn’t got the invitation and I was in my pajamas eating Nasi Padang when the comittee suddenly called me. 
C(Comittee): “Hallo, Dessy, we are waiting for you and the team at the registration desk”
M(Me): “HUH?  What registration desk?”
C: “You are one of the finalist”
M: “But nobody told me that”
C: “HUH? Wait a second, I will call you again”. 

but nobody called me. I never knew what she meant.  it’s just too funny. I skipped a free dinner invitation by ministry.  who am I anyway LOL.

Few days later I got a call from hwbefgertlert  okay let’s skip this story for now for a surprise.  it is some kind of bonus round from a Jackpot machine.  I will tell you later cause I need to prepare a new Kebaya for this event. 
NAH… not a wedding nor an engagement party. it’s bigger than that :p

there are 2 months left before 2014 ends, but I don't think I will participated in any other animation event apart than I already involved.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Behind The Scene: Kopas The Thief

Still about the ASEAN Animation Festival 2014, this time I will share some stories about my animation project: Kopas The Thief.
So, to participate the workshop, we need to prepare an animation concept, and then the jury will pick 12 concepts, and the chosen teams will have to do some pitching.
Before we went to Bangkok, we have to prepare the slide, although we didn't know yet whether our project would be chosen or not.

Here are some slides that I prepared for the pithcing round to explain my idea.

I made the slides before the comittee sent me the template, so in the end I never used this slides (although I spent few days to design every slide). I kinda regret that I didn't use this slide and used the template because I was so afraid breaking the rule.  Lesson learned: rules are meant to be broken :p
Do whatever you think will give the best impression of your project.

And as always, I also made an amigurumi version of the character for a lucky charm.

I actually brought this amigurumi to Bangkok, but I didn't sew the eyes so I can't show it to the audience. That's the second regret.

anyway, the presentation somehow worked despite of my funny English, so I went to the next round: making the animation :)
The challenge is to finish the animation in one month, using the money they provided.  The hardest part was to look for the voice actor.  Luckily, Cak Waw introduced me to Ibnu Angga, a sound Engineer.  Mas Ibnu Angga helped me found the perfect voice actor and also edited the sound for the animation.
During that month, I still went to work at the office in the morning and working on the  animation at night.  I was very lucky it was a fasting month so I could go back from the office earlier than usual.
The animation was done like the plan, but at the same time I have a deadline from my side project.
At the night before I went to Bangkok, I barely got any sleep because I have to upload the side project with the sh*tty internet connection.  So I was in zombie mode when I went to the city tour.  I was really fun, but I was too tired to enjoy it.

There are more stories about the animation.   I will write about it again later... maybe after the November 26 ? :D

Friday, September 12, 2014

Oleh-oleh dari Seminar Asean Animation Festival di Bangkok

I want to write this post in English, so I could practice my English, cause it’s been so long since I wrote in English.  BUT…  this post is dedicated to Indonesian, especially Indonesian artist so I write this in Bahasa Indonesia.  international reader, please use the google translate :)

Pada bulan Juli 2014 di Thailand diadakan Festival Animasi Asean dengan tema Hak Cipta.  Saya beruntung menjadi salah satu dari lima orang animator Indonesia yang dikirim untuk mengikuti acara ini.  Beruntung karena tidak banyak yang tahu tentang event ini, jadi mungkin yang mengirimkan proposal pada tingkat nasional pun hanya beberapa orang.  Nah, dari beberapa orang itu dipilih 5 orang untuk mewakili Indonesia.

Jadi berangkatlah 5 orang animator ini ke Bangkok untuk mengikuti Festival Animasi Asean.  Sesuai temanya, di festival ini ada seminar mengenai hak cipta dan industri film/ animasi di ASEAN. Beberapa catatan mengenai Hak Cipta:

1.  Hak Cipta itu tidak perlu didaftarkan, otomatis dimiliki oleh yang membuat karya tersebut.
2.  Suatu karya barulah dianggap “sah” dilindungi oleh hak cipta saat karya itu “diterbitkan”.  
Diterbitkan maksudnya ada catatan yang jelas membuktikan bahwa Andalah pemilik karya tersebut.   Kalau bisa dilengkapi tanggal dan jam, serta ada saksi.  Ribet?  Tidak, contohnya bisa dengan mempostingnya di blog/ jurnal.  Tidak harus menunggu karya itu jadi, bisa juga Anda mencatat prosesnya.  Jika takut menunjukkan karya secara online kemudian dicuri, bisa juga Anda membuat catatan sendiri secara offline.  Jika kelak karya Anda dicuri, pastikan Anda punya bukti yang menunjukkan bahwa Anda yang membuat karya itu terlebih dahulu, jadi Anda bisa menuntut.  Meskipun menurut Mr. Thienchai Pinvises (sorry to call you Mr Lawyer), meng-hire pengacara bisa menambah masalah, jadi lindungilah karya Anda sejak awal.
Aturan/ hukum di tiap negara berbeda, jadi mungkin ada beberapa perbedaan.

Nah, di luar masalah Hak Cipta, yang menarik dari Festival Animasi Asean ini, kami bertemu dengan animator dari negara Asean lainnya seperti Malaysia, Filipina, Myanmar, Thailand dan Vietnam.  (Sayangnya tidak semua negara ASEAN mengirimkan perwakilan).  Kecuali Malaysia yang mungkin sudah terkenal dengan produk animasinya, dan Thailand yang industri perfilmannya cukup maju,  ternyata industri Animasi Indonesia memiliki kondisi yang hampir sama dengan negara Asean lainnya.
Dari segi kemampuan, sebenarnya animator Asean cukup baik bahkan bagus, tapi lebih banyak yang menjadi outsource bagi industri animasi di luar daripada membuat animasi yang baru.  Menurut Ms. Sopita Santitrakul hal ini bukan salah atau benar, lakukanlah apa yang Anda sukai.  
Sebagai animator mungkin Anda perlu makan dengan cara menjadi outsource, tapi sebagai artist pasti Anda ingin menghasilkan animasimu sendiri.  
Menghasilkan animasi sendiri tidak berarti membuat sendiri tapi bekerja samalah dengan orang lain.  (secara pribadi, menurutku inilah yang perlu kucoba).
Lalu pada sesi tanya jawab dibahaslah pula masalah klasik industri animasi yaitu kurangnya dukungan pemerintah, dan jawabannya klasik pula:  carilah kesempatan lain misal dengan ikut festival film, ciptakanlah "industri"mu.  Kusebut jawaban klasik karena di seminar animasi lain yang pernah kuikuti, jawabannya pun sama, padahal ngga janjian.  Tidak terbatas di industri animasi, di industri komik pun begitu.  kesimpulan: untuk maju tidak harus ada dukungan pemerintah :)

Hari kedua seminar ada penyampaian materi tentang pitching.  Jadi misalkan Anda punya ide animasi, bagaimanakah cara untuk mendapatkan dana atau memperoleh kesempatan bekerja sama.  Mungkin teman-teman yang bekerja di advertising atau marketing sudah biasa melakukan pitching, jadi lebih bisa menjelaskan arti pitching itu.  Kalau menurutku bentuk sederhana dari pitching itu  Yah… mirip-mirip dengan penjual obat, menyebutkan khasiat obat, kalau perlu demo dengan suara keras.  

Di Festival Animasi Asean ini dari 24 proposal yang terkumpul dipilihlah 12 proposal animasi untuk dipresentasikan di depan juri.  6 proposal yang lolos akan diproduksi animasinya.  Kenyataannya,  tidak semua ide (termasuk ide di luar festival ini) punya kesempatan seperti ini. jadi solusinya adalah Elevator Pitch.  Yaitu menciptakan kesempatan untuk mempresentasikan ide dengan cepat dan jelas setiap saat dan di mana saja.  Karena tidak ada yang tahu, kapan kesempatan itu ada, bisa saja suatu hari Anda bertemu sutradara favorit anda di dalam elevator yang sama.
Aku pernah lho dapat kerjaan saat sedang di mobil travel.  Kerjaan beneran dari sesama penumpang mobil travel, dan saat itu kebetulan saja aku lagi bawa portofolio. 

Istilah Bahasa Indonesianya “Kesempatan dalam Kesempitan”, mungkin kedengerannya ngga enak, seperti oportunis banget.  Tapi seperti wejangan teman saya, Indri:  “Keberuntungan adalah kesiapan yang bertemu dengan kesempatan”.  Jadi selalu bersiaplah menyongsong kesempatan :)

Next post: My Animation Proposal.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Europeonscreen is coming again!

It's gonna be May soon, I'm so excited cause there will be an European Movie Festival or Europeonscreen.
It became my yearly agenda since 2 years ago, when I moved to Jakarta.  At that time, I haven't adapted to the cost of living in Jakarta, everything is so expensive. But then I heard about Europeonscreen, the screening of European Movies, and we can watch it for free.
I didn't think twice, I went to the festival because it's free. At that time, I wasn't a fan of festival movie, cause I thought festival movies are always some kind of hypnotizing movies that will take me to the dreamland. But the movie I watched on Europeonscreen changed my mind.  Although some of movies are hard to understand, (honestly, I slept during the screening of Police:Adjective), but the movies were never failed to amaze me, whether the European culture, scenery, the people and of course the story. So different, but the differences are charming.

Last year my favorite movie was Parade, so I'm looking forward to this year's Screening.  As a veteran audience of Euroscreen, let me share some tips to enjoy this event.

1. check the schedule and venue location.
it's almost impossible to watch every movie. so you have to prioritize the movie that you want to watch the most and later watch the other movie on the same venue at the same day.  It's Jakarta, you can't predict the traffic, so instead watching 2 movies on different venue, you can save your time by watching 2 or more movies on the same.  the other reason is because the tickets are limited and you have to wait in line an hour before the screening.

2. Check the genre and read the synopsis.
if you are a newbie who think "festival movie" are "boring movie", I suggest to watch comedy, romantic comedy, or family movie. I fell in love with European movie after watching the comedy.  Choose the genre wisely and read the synopsis before watching the movie, cause there are always some twisted or inexplicit movies, it's really help to understand the movie so you can enjoy watching it.  Don't forget to check the rating! 

3. Don't be on time
Be on time is not enough, the better you come to the venue, the better experience you have.  By coming earlier, you can reserve your own ticket, and you can take a look around at the venue.  You can reserve for your friend too, but to be fair, it's better if your friend come earlier too right?

4. Pick the best seat
different venue, different "best" seat. the screening room door will be open few minutes before the screening begin, don't be late so you can get the best seat.
if you are watching with your friend please don't book seats for your not yet arrived friend. you will be the one seen as the devil not your friend.

5.  Eat.
very important: this is not a commercial theater, you can not eat the snack/ food during the screening. some venue also forbid eating inside the building, so please pay attention to the rule.  I'm suggesting to bring snack so that you may eat while waiting for the screening, or after the screening.  Because if you were planning to watch 2-3 movies on the same day, you will have to wait in line after the movie is over, and you might won't have enough time to buy food at the food stall.   Or you can ask your friend to buy the food while you take the ticket.  During Euroscreen there are usually some food stall too, so you won't get hungry unless you forgot to bring money.

6.  Be Patient.
if you are watching Euroscreen with your friend then waiting is not a problem (unless you have to take care of your friend's bag while he/she in the rest room. don't be evil, don't let your friend wait for you).  There are usually about an hour break before the next screening, you can go to rest room, buy food at the food stall, have a chat, staring desperately at your mobile phone screen or.. you can read. Personally, I prefer knitting while waiting.

7.  Stretching.
to be honest, most venue don't have that comfy seats, so sitting about 2 hours for the screening could result back pain. So while waiting, you might need to do some stretching, and try not to sit too long.

8.  Bring some shawl/ jacket
sitting still in a room with air con for 2 hours?  well, better prepare a jacket than go to rest room during the screening especially when you planning to watch all day long or watching the open air screening at night. Oh and do bring tissue, just in case your nose can't stand the AC or the wind.  And of course to dry your tears for your manly tears :)

9.  Mind the rules!
This could be the most important thing.  Basically the rules are the same as the rule in commercial theater.  Please turn off the mobile phone, do not talk during the screening.  What's different is do not eat or drink inside the theater.  I think we could easily break the rule at the commercial theater, but this time, please do obey the rules, seriously.

10. Keep open minded
The movies on Euroscreen show different culture, or different thought, different theme or different way of storytelling, sometime it's amazing, but sometime just too hard to accept.  keep open minded, so you can enjoy the movie.

Extra tips: don't bother inviting or even forcing your friend to accompany you to watch, cause you wouldn't want to hear your friend complaining afterward. There are a lot of advantage you can get by going independently, like choosing your own movie list based on your schedule.

See you on Europenonscreen 2014!