Wednesday, March 14, 2012

flamingo flamingo

yesterday I made a new Flamingo amigurumi, which reminds me of the game which inspired me to make the first flamingo amigurumi 2 years ago.
it was our (Zeusbox Studio's) project and the game's title was Social Stars.
It was a virtual world- simulation game, similar to the Sims.
We are proudly says that the game was on facebook long before the Facebook version of The Sims.
My job was to animate the clothing for the avatars, slicing the room, working together with programmers to make it playable, and of course designing items.
the project manager usually have decided a list of items to make, so when I saw the Flamingo is on the list, I HAD TO BE THE ONE TO MAKE THE FLAMINGO.
well I was the only girl on the team which designed the items, so they let me draw that flamingo.

so here's the screenshoot of the game.  see that flamingo? yes! I made that.

right click to zoom it :)

the amigurumi I made inspired by the one I draw (read the blog)

and the new Flamingo, a remake based on the first flamingo amigurumi

well of course I didn't just make the flamingo for the game, I also make some more items, at the same screenshot picture, you could see the bushes that I made :p  
There are some more, but I'll share it in another day