Friday, October 15, 2010

My business card or something like that

Unlike my knitting blog which is updated every once a week, this blog is rarely updated.
The thing is, I could make knitted/ crocheted project with less responsibility than when I was making graphic design.
the creativity process were basically the same, they were all began with sketches,
I'm thinking seriously too when I was designing my crocheted toy.
I could knit/crochet while watching TV but I can't make animation/ illustration while doing something else.

ah... I made too many excuses.
so for the monthly update, I'm showing you my real business card.

it has my real name and my blog addresses on it.  Enough for me.
I don't think it would be necessary to have my phone number, I'm really bad at answering the phone :p

I'm not a minimalist designer, I'm a lazy one.
the large white area is meant for it's second function, which is as a label tag for my crocheted toys.
just punch a hole at the top of it and it's done. a Label Tag :)

Okay.. I'm a lazy and stingy designer.
by the way "karya dessy TAB" means created by dessy TAB.

I'm using "karya" instead of "created by" because I'm an  Indonesian Designer :)