Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Animator has return!

when I was reviewing the past year, I felt dillemmatic cause at one side it's been a very good year for my crafting activity, but at the other side, I've been a very passive designer.
I just waste my 2012 by doing nothing as a designer.
(Oh, I got paid as a designer/ animator/ visualizer whatsoever in a company, but it doesn't  count for some particular reasons)
So I was very happy when I was commisioned to make animation for Cyrosella earlier this year.  it's a short project but it's love, cause all I can say is I Love Love Love doing this job.
it reminds me how I love making animations.  and the best part is I can proudly say, I'm back.  The animator has return :)

Thanks Cyrosella for trusting me.
and thanks nicotina for the great song