Friday, August 07, 2009

flash back

I'm a person who look at the past.
I don't have anything to post yet. It's a new month, I think I need to update my blog. Since this blog is not dedicated for my blah-blah-blah things, I think I'd rather publish my past animation.

check this out

I made this animation in 2007, for a competition, held by a University. I won the second place. The theme was product promo, and I chose microwave popcorn for my theme.

Well I won't write or talk about my animation's concept. I already did that nervously during the presentation for the competition. instead, I will tell you about the microwave popcorn literally.

That time I was craving for microwave popcorn so bad. Microwave popcorn are expensive, and I was barely survive my college days by my allowance only. (yeah, I didn't pay my college fees, but a college girl need a lot of things right?)

So the first thing I bought with the prize money was Microwave Popcorn with caramel. It was the very best microwave popcorn caramel I ever eat. Bought a microwave popcorn by making animation about microwave popcorn :D