Friday, June 15, 2012

Crochet meet visual design

I more likely to introduce myself as a knitter or animator than a graphic designer.  I don't have such confidence to be called a graphic designer.  However, for the Worldwide Knitting in Public event, I tried to give my best designing skill instead of selling my amigurumi (crocheted doll).
I will meet a lot of knitters, probably the best of the best Indonesian knitters, they could easily make amigurumi, if they wanted to.
so, this time, I designed various printed pattern/ guide. to make it more appealing during the bazzar, I designed the display too.

I use a woven basket from Cikini Train Station for the base, then add some recycled boxes to place the items.
it was basically coffee box I collected, then covered it with brown paper (called samson paper).  and instead of using glue, I sew it on using hot pink thread.

I also add some hot pink crocheted lace to make them cuter and to fit my blog identity. Then finally add some printed label for additional informations.

I had some extra days to make a neon green amigurumi with pink nose to guard the items.  and of course he has to knit for the worldwide knit in public event :)

wanna meet the neon green man?
come to the Worldwide knit in public Bazzaar at Museum Tekstil Jakarta,
June 17th 2012 starting from 9 AM till 4 PM.
I will be collaborating with my colleague from Gondangdia Afterwork.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Picmonkey: a free online photo editor

since I moved to Jakarta, I got more time to spend for photoshop but less time to take picture outdoor.
tho I have plenty of time, there would be many more reason not to take pictures outside, it's Jakarta!
compared to the pictures I took last year and the years before, the background of my pictures lately are too predictable, that's why editing picture become essential.
the bad news is I don't have photoshop in my netbook.  I installed GIMP but editing picture using a 10 inch netbook is tricky.
Now I know why people love instagram!
then again, I don't have real smartphone to even try instagram.
thankfully, there's PicMonkey, a free online photo editor.
it's easy to use (even for a photoshop dummy)
go... go try it, there's no registration required :)

ah... so Hipster!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

enjoying my every second

5 months since I moved to Jakarta, I think I'm getting used to my job now.
everyone is nice, at least I don't find anybody to hate (that's good right?)
about the job... it's true that I almost resigned right after my probation's over.
it's not my dream job, I kinda wish I could be somewhere else.
I still think that the room I rent is too expensive and too d*mn HOT.
but in the end, I decided to stay.  Stay working, stay living in the same room,
I don't know what other's been thinking, that's the least thing I care.
Basically, nothing changed except me.
really, nothing's changed. I'm still working the same job (with the same salary, if you really need to know), living at the same room without TV, AC and spring bed.
I only try to enjoy my every second. that's all.

I was kinda frustrated cause I can't bring my computer to Jakarta, but lately I enjoyed drawing.
something I rarely do after I graduated.

Please don't ask if I love my job right now, cause I don't know, I don't want to know.
my parents seem happy that I keep my job, and I have to looked happy too. 
I smile a lot, looked like a real happy person and yes, I'm happy. I really am :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

flamingo flamingo

yesterday I made a new Flamingo amigurumi, which reminds me of the game which inspired me to make the first flamingo amigurumi 2 years ago.
it was our (Zeusbox Studio's) project and the game's title was Social Stars.
It was a virtual world- simulation game, similar to the Sims.
We are proudly says that the game was on facebook long before the Facebook version of The Sims.
My job was to animate the clothing for the avatars, slicing the room, working together with programmers to make it playable, and of course designing items.
the project manager usually have decided a list of items to make, so when I saw the Flamingo is on the list, I HAD TO BE THE ONE TO MAKE THE FLAMINGO.
well I was the only girl on the team which designed the items, so they let me draw that flamingo.

so here's the screenshoot of the game.  see that flamingo? yes! I made that.

right click to zoom it :)

the amigurumi I made inspired by the one I draw (read the blog)

and the new Flamingo, a remake based on the first flamingo amigurumi

well of course I didn't just make the flamingo for the game, I also make some more items, at the same screenshot picture, you could see the bushes that I made :p  
There are some more, but I'll share it in another day

Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine Bear

I have just released my new crocheted toys, the valentine bears.
so I made various illustration of the character using various style.

the original Valentine Bear (crocheted toys)

Valentine Bear in animated pixel art

Valentine Bear in photoshop illustration.
(yes, you've read it right, I finally learn to draw in photoshop for the first time!)

Vector Valentine Bear, made using flash

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

SurpRICE !!!

made using Hippo Animator by Hippo Studios, a software to make animation that works on iphone and android. (FYI, I have neither of those)
 It's difficult to draw directly on this software, but I think it's pretty usefull as an alternative animation software. cause you can make... animation with it!
it's my second try to use Hippo animator, I still learn to use the tools, cause it's (of course) different to the softwares I usually use, but there are so many thing could be done with it.
as an example, I could make simple interactive. Me. the script dummy. made an interactive.
You could download the free trial on the site or you could also download the demos to learn how to use it.

don't forget to visit my knitting blog to join a very surpRICE-ing giveaway :)