Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hellofest 9

There is less than 2 months before 2014.
It's been an exciting year.  I'm still expecting a few more "fireworks" before the 2013 is over.
But last week's fireworks was so exciting that I think it's already safe to say that it's an awesome year!

I spent my last weekend at Hellofest, the biggest pop culture festival in Indonesia.
One of my animation, Lulu, was screened on a big screen by the swimming pool, with about 4000 audience.

That was a very awesome moment, I wish I made a better animation to show, cause there were 102 movies which were screened that night.  My animation just one of it, and the other movies are so good that I wanna watch them all over again.

Oh,  and there was also my 8 seconds movie, screened that night. The title was Simalakama.
Here's my ID card for the Hellofest. 

 There are also "kartu voting" or voting card, to vote the favorite animation and movie.  I didn't return the cards since I wanna keep it for souvenir. But I'm so glad that my favorite animation "Sang Suporter" and my favorite movie "Bank Note" still won. 

The day before the Hellofest, as one of the finalist, I got a free invitation to the "Hellofest Masterclass".   The contributors were Kieran Argo and Jun Awazu.  I learn and found out many things from them about movie festival and producing animation.  I feel like I found another purpose in my life as an animator.  
After being an animator for years, I thought there was nothing more that I could do, but now there is! And it's gonna be a long way, so I better start now.

A film cut from Jun Awazu's Negadon. He gave it away after the Negadon's screening as a souvenir to the audience.

Oh by the way, I didn't win, but I already feel happy for this exciting experience. It's priceless.  I hope I can do better in the future and participating again on the next hellofest. Thanks Hellofest :)