Saturday, July 10, 2010

OrangUtan dari Hutan Hujan

"Orangutans are endangered because of rain forest deforestation,
what if rain forest were endangered because there are no orangutans anymore?"

So here is my latest animation
the orangutanku dolls were based on the orangutan in this animation,
while the orangutan character was based on my nephew (don't tell his mom!)
The text is in Bahasa Indonesia, I'm too lazy to change it's language
more or less it tells about the rain forest and of course the orangutan.
what will the children imagined about the rain forest if there is no rain forest anymore?

The BGM was made by me last year for another animation (but I never finish it).

Friday, July 09, 2010


I was planning on sharing my newest animation, but postponed because I missed something
typo problems...
It was not a new thing, I did similar mistake in my past  animation project.
it should be "let's plant a tree..." instead of "let's plan a tree"
I thought it was normal, since English is not my language.
Now the problem is, my newest animation using Bahasa Indonesia, and yes I did it again!

No, I won't share you the unrevised version :p
Not after I saw another mistake, not in my animations, but at this blog.
check the banner, you'll know what I meant.
I mistype my own blog address....... OOPS I DID IT AGAIN AGAIN!

Orangutanku packaging

When I started the OrangUtanku project, I spent weeks, even month just for the packaging design.
I want to make them special, exclusive, cheap, and simple.
Boxes are cheap, so I was thinking of using designed boxes. (I'm a designer, I could design it, right?)
I'm a person who can't cut straight
The other alternative was using plastic boxes which are available in certain store.
Cheap and Simple, no sweat. But it's wrong.
It didn't go along with the mission to save the orangutan.

So.... maybe the orangutan helped me, because suddenly I got the idea of using pouch.
The problem was I can't sew... (yeah, I can't cut and sew in straight lines)
So my dearest mother helped me (Merci, Maman <3)
She bought the fabric, cut it and sew it (and put some embroidery on it)
All I did was give some brief and make a tiny thank you tags.
isn't it cute?

of course for shipment I wrapped it again in a box, and the box was also special.
I thought it was brilliant (no, it was silly actually), I would share the tutorial for the box soon ;)

PS: the doll in the picture is Ginanjar, he still need a new home :)