Thursday, July 04, 2013

Hiro My Hero

I made this animation for Axa Short Movie Competition.  Tonight is the awarding night.  I failed at the very beginning so I don't really care who's winning, cause I'm definitely lost.   I'm still in denial, I know my animation is not extraordinary, and I know it wouldn't win but... ah forget it I'm not a good looser.

the theme is: Saya Berani (I am brave or I Dare).  Since the competition was held by AXA, that insurance company, I was looking for some kind of stupidity bravery which result siliness (and damage) but still got covered by the insurance.  The inspiration come from my sister who was once collapsed after bitten by my dog.  I must admit the final story is not really fit the theme, but I had a lot of fun making story about dog.

as you can see, I only use red, white, blue and brown for the whole animation.  very "AXA".  and again, it's not the "AXA"ness that they are looking for.  it's your lost, AXA :P