Monday, October 17, 2016

Crazy October

September passed in a blink, and now is October.
First thing first... I have a website now!!!! So please do come visit it :)

it's my "professional" website.  I couldn't afford a web designer so I tried to make it by myself, and I only had 3 days to make it, so it's impossible to hire a ninja designer with no budget and time.

Someday... if I finally have the budget, I will hire a web designer.  but that after I repair my laptop.
or to be precised, when I finally learn to save money. I'm terrible at saving money.

As you can see from the screenshoot, I made the web for my new animation: Pulang (Going Home).  
Pulang is officially selected by Dok Leipzig 2016 to be screened at the Kid Dok programme.  And it will be a world premiere, so if you are happen to be in Leipzig, please come watch my animation :)

Read more about the film and schedule here

Currently, a lot of people helping me so that I could go to Leipzig, so I am really thankfull.  I still need to care of my Visa right now, and the time is running out, so wish me luck so that I could go to the Dok Leipzig 2016.

in the other hand, things are not looking good with my main job, but let's not spoiled the good news with bad news :)