Tuesday, April 24, 2012

enjoying my every second

5 months since I moved to Jakarta, I think I'm getting used to my job now.
everyone is nice, at least I don't find anybody to hate (that's good right?)
about the job... it's true that I almost resigned right after my probation's over.
it's not my dream job, I kinda wish I could be somewhere else.
I still think that the room I rent is too expensive and too d*mn HOT.
but in the end, I decided to stay.  Stay working, stay living in the same room,
I don't know what other's been thinking, that's the least thing I care.
Basically, nothing changed except me.
really, nothing's changed. I'm still working the same job (with the same salary, if you really need to know), living at the same room without TV, AC and spring bed.
I only try to enjoy my every second. that's all.

I was kinda frustrated cause I can't bring my computer to Jakarta, but lately I enjoyed drawing.
something I rarely do after I graduated.

Please don't ask if I love my job right now, cause I don't know, I don't want to know.
my parents seem happy that I keep my job, and I have to looked happy too. 
I smile a lot, looked like a real happy person and yes, I'm happy. I really am :)