Friday, January 22, 2010

a memoir of the wonderful dog, Ibey

Finally they announced the winners.
I knew I'm not one of them, it's okay.
I made the animation to make a contribution for the Citizens For Global Solutions Multimedia 2009 Contest.
The prizes are tempting, but it's not the main reason I am joining the contest.
Even a person like me, cares a little bit about their causes (global problems).
But the main reason I made the animation is to make a memoir about my beloved dog, Ibey (spelled like ebay).
She died at October 17th 2009. (I made the animation about a week after that)
She was blind and old but everybody love her.
I have many other dogs, but she was the special one.
I've got many inspiration from her. (I've made an amigurumi version of her too)
this time I make an animation with her as the main character.

(click on the picture to watch the animation on my DA)

So the animation title is "Boo & Bey's ways to save the world".
Boo is the Boy, and Bey is Ibey the dog.
Like you may have guessed, it is a go green related theme.
As the contest rule, it is a choose-your-own-story animation.
Hopefully they will show you ways to save the "world".
It doesn't have to be the smartest way, but at least they try :D

By the way, I've made Boo amigurumi version too!