Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Behind The Scene: Kopas The Thief

Still about the ASEAN Animation Festival 2014, this time I will share some stories about my animation project: Kopas The Thief.
So, to participate the workshop, we need to prepare an animation concept, and then the jury will pick 12 concepts, and the chosen teams will have to do some pitching.
Before we went to Bangkok, we have to prepare the slide, although we didn't know yet whether our project would be chosen or not.

Here are some slides that I prepared for the pithcing round to explain my idea.

I made the slides before the comittee sent me the template, so in the end I never used this slides (although I spent few days to design every slide). I kinda regret that I didn't use this slide and used the template because I was so afraid breaking the rule.  Lesson learned: rules are meant to be broken :p
Do whatever you think will give the best impression of your project.

And as always, I also made an amigurumi version of the character for a lucky charm.

I actually brought this amigurumi to Bangkok, but I didn't sew the eyes so I can't show it to the audience. That's the second regret.

anyway, the presentation somehow worked despite of my funny English, so I went to the next round: making the animation :)
The challenge is to finish the animation in one month, using the money they provided.  The hardest part was to look for the voice actor.  Luckily, Cak Waw introduced me to Ibnu Angga, a sound Engineer.  Mas Ibnu Angga helped me found the perfect voice actor and also edited the sound for the animation.
During that month, I still went to work at the office in the morning and working on the  animation at night.  I was very lucky it was a fasting month so I could go back from the office earlier than usual.
The animation was done like the plan, but at the same time I have a deadline from my side project.
At the night before I went to Bangkok, I barely got any sleep because I have to upload the side project with the sh*tty internet connection.  So I was in zombie mode when I went to the city tour.  I was really fun, but I was too tired to enjoy it.

There are more stories about the animation.   I will write about it again later... maybe after the November 26 ? :D