Thursday, December 16, 2010


it was a nice, dramatic scene
when I realized I didn't put the Glue far enough.
D*mn, and there's no way to recreate the picture
I'm a dummy photoshopper, remember?

Oh Shaky Hands

I didn't expect a good picture when I got shaky hands while pressing the shutter button.
but the results are not as blurry as I expected too :p

Monday, December 06, 2010

Playing with toycam

I want to be so many things, but one thing for sure, I'm not a photographer.
I bring my camera almost everyday, but rarely took pictures, even when I was traveling.
I hate taking pictures of other people nor myself.
I don't like taking picture of things I could see in postcards.
so I'm really not a photographer.
Now I got something what so called toy cameras (toycam), and I enjoyed taking pictures with the toycams.
I'm not promising any pretty or interesting pictures for you, but at least it's interesting for me.

Here are the pictures taken from my Kurodigi

the rainbow at the rooftop
at the garden of daisies
 broken hearted Frankenstein

below are the pictures captured with Xplusdigital:

the first thing you see outside the Studio I've been working at, really it's not that interesting :p
Kupir, my favorite model 
An & Mon

and here's from my first toycam, disderi 2 lenses (not digital)

I had took a lot of pictures with my toycams, but I must admit, not every picture goes well
Hey, it's a toycam, I'm playing with it, at least I'm having fun :p

Friday, November 19, 2010

Belajar Bersama An dan Mon: Manfaat Air

I think this is my 5th animation with environment theme, the 3rd animation with water as the specific theme, and my 1st animation which is won the 1st place in competition :P

I made it for the animation competition for the Pesona Edu Challenge and Partnership.
Had a very bad cough because of working on this animation, and got a very big acne due to the stress making the presentation.
I meant, I never talk in public, making presentation like for 3 years?
And I think the doll version help me a lot through the presentation.

Friday, October 15, 2010

My business card or something like that

Unlike my knitting blog which is updated every once a week, this blog is rarely updated.
The thing is, I could make knitted/ crocheted project with less responsibility than when I was making graphic design.
the creativity process were basically the same, they were all began with sketches,
I'm thinking seriously too when I was designing my crocheted toy.
I could knit/crochet while watching TV but I can't make animation/ illustration while doing something else.

ah... I made too many excuses.
so for the monthly update, I'm showing you my real business card.

it has my real name and my blog addresses on it.  Enough for me.
I don't think it would be necessary to have my phone number, I'm really bad at answering the phone :p

I'm not a minimalist designer, I'm a lazy one.
the large white area is meant for it's second function, which is as a label tag for my crocheted toys.
just punch a hole at the top of it and it's done. a Label Tag :)

Okay.. I'm a lazy and stingy designer.
by the way "karya dessy TAB" means created by dessy TAB.

I'm using "karya" instead of "created by" because I'm an  Indonesian Designer :)

Friday, September 03, 2010

Happy Lebaran

So next week is the Lebaran Holiday for the my Dad and all the moslems,
for me it's a Vacation! Yay!
by the way, I just remember, I made this e-card for my friends
It was from my archive,
feel free to send it to your friend :)

Oh.. and Happy Lebaran for you
I'm not celebrating Lebaran, but please forgive me if I do made mistakes :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

OrangUtan dari Hutan Hujan

"Orangutans are endangered because of rain forest deforestation,
what if rain forest were endangered because there are no orangutans anymore?"

So here is my latest animation
the orangutanku dolls were based on the orangutan in this animation,
while the orangutan character was based on my nephew (don't tell his mom!)
The text is in Bahasa Indonesia, I'm too lazy to change it's language
more or less it tells about the rain forest and of course the orangutan.
what will the children imagined about the rain forest if there is no rain forest anymore?

The BGM was made by me last year for another animation (but I never finish it).

Friday, July 09, 2010


I was planning on sharing my newest animation, but postponed because I missed something
typo problems...
It was not a new thing, I did similar mistake in my past  animation project.
it should be "let's plant a tree..." instead of "let's plan a tree"
I thought it was normal, since English is not my language.
Now the problem is, my newest animation using Bahasa Indonesia, and yes I did it again!

No, I won't share you the unrevised version :p
Not after I saw another mistake, not in my animations, but at this blog.
check the banner, you'll know what I meant.
I mistype my own blog address....... OOPS I DID IT AGAIN AGAIN!

Orangutanku packaging

When I started the OrangUtanku project, I spent weeks, even month just for the packaging design.
I want to make them special, exclusive, cheap, and simple.
Boxes are cheap, so I was thinking of using designed boxes. (I'm a designer, I could design it, right?)
I'm a person who can't cut straight
The other alternative was using plastic boxes which are available in certain store.
Cheap and Simple, no sweat. But it's wrong.
It didn't go along with the mission to save the orangutan.

So.... maybe the orangutan helped me, because suddenly I got the idea of using pouch.
The problem was I can't sew... (yeah, I can't cut and sew in straight lines)
So my dearest mother helped me (Merci, Maman <3)
She bought the fabric, cut it and sew it (and put some embroidery on it)
All I did was give some brief and make a tiny thank you tags.
isn't it cute?

of course for shipment I wrapped it again in a box, and the box was also special.
I thought it was brilliant (no, it was silly actually), I would share the tutorial for the box soon ;)

PS: the doll in the picture is Ginanjar, he still need a new home :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

My Name Card

Finally! I have a name card!
Nope, not a business card, only a name card.
No titles because titles don't give me the right definition.
I'm a designer, maybe an animator or something else,
but I don't think people would likely give a call only by looking at my titles.
I must be lucky if they do call me, but I'm not sure that I would be happy.
They wouldn't know what they are buying, if they didn't see my portfolio.

So here's my name card design.
I already print some on Java paper.
of course the real number and email address are in the printed version.
Plain but it's enough for now.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

From the last year's archive

How could I forgot this project?
But yes, I did :(

I made this project last year for my picture book.
the picture book was never been published because it was for a competition, and I didn't win :(

I saved all the illustrations in my flash disk, and the flash disk was borrowed by my Dad for almost 6 months.
Yup, I did forgot about the flash disk too.
few days ago I just suddenly remember about Budi, the boy in the story.
My bad.. really my bad :(

Monday, May 31, 2010

it's (still) May!

I just checking my own blog, then realized I haven't update this blog for a month!
My bad...

Telling you about what I have made without showing anything is just lame.
I knew :(

SO... I won't tell you anything now :D

That's it for my May blog post *giggles*

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fake F.A.Q #3

Can't stop making this fake F.A.Q even tough nobody interested (sigh)
it is an unnecessary blog right? So I'll keep posting unnecessary things for you

Fake F.A.Q #2

I got spare time (not really, just too depressed to finish my work)
so I made another F.A.Q. it is because someone said, a real people who creates original work should be proud using their name.
yeah, just in case you really want to know who made this blog

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Guide: How do you get an idea?

Unnecessary guide, since the truth behind this guide is not guaranteed.
remember, it's me who made it :D
Unnecessary post, because I've post it in my knitting blog too.
I do this re-post because it is an unnecessary guide, and this blog is for my many unnecessary things.

click on the image to go read the guide, I've warned you, once again, it is an unnecessary guide.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fake F.A.Q

Nobody asked me anything yet, but I have time to answer the not yet asked questions.
I do this a lot, actually, having an imaginary interview, pretending that I'm famous :D

Friday, January 22, 2010

a memoir of the wonderful dog, Ibey

Finally they announced the winners.
I knew I'm not one of them, it's okay.
I made the animation to make a contribution for the Citizens For Global Solutions Multimedia 2009 Contest.
The prizes are tempting, but it's not the main reason I am joining the contest.
Even a person like me, cares a little bit about their causes (global problems).
But the main reason I made the animation is to make a memoir about my beloved dog, Ibey (spelled like ebay).
She died at October 17th 2009. (I made the animation about a week after that)
She was blind and old but everybody love her.
I have many other dogs, but she was the special one.
I've got many inspiration from her. (I've made an amigurumi version of her too)
this time I make an animation with her as the main character.

(click on the picture to watch the animation on my DA)

So the animation title is "Boo & Bey's ways to save the world".
Boo is the Boy, and Bey is Ibey the dog.
Like you may have guessed, it is a go green related theme.
As the contest rule, it is a choose-your-own-story animation.
Hopefully they will show you ways to save the "world".
It doesn't have to be the smartest way, but at least they try :D

By the way, I've made Boo amigurumi version too!