Monday, August 29, 2011

Anying & Teyong : Inner Peace

you may have guessed it, yes, I just watch Kungfu Panda 2 :)
it's really a fun movie to watch, especially in Indonesia during Lebaran.
Lebaran is about forgiving and being forgiven, and we can learn about "inner peace" from Kungfu Panda 2
(well I hope I'm not being a spoiler)

anyway, I found this Chameleon doing the inner peace in a bucket at my garden :)

Happy Lebaran! Find your Inner Peace :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Anying & Teyong : Balap Krupuk

anonymous asked me, "when will you post again?"
the answer was supposed to be "last week"
but.. I got a new Nintendo DS game which kept me busy last week :p
anyway, tomorrow (August 17) is Indonesian Independence Day.
we usually celebrate it by holding ceremony then a lot of games at the neighborhood.
One of the game called Balap Krupuk (Krupuk Race), in which the players have to eat krupuks which are hanged.
Since this August is also Fasting month, there might be no Balap Krupuk.
But it doesn't stop Anying & Teyong to play Balap Krupuk (well, perhaps)

you might need to refresh to see the animation from the beginning due to the gif size.

by the way krupuk is a traditional chip, made by flour (or shrimp), it is crunchy, and usually served as complimentary for main dish. But it's delicious enough to eat the krupuk alone as snack.