Thursday, December 16, 2010


it was a nice, dramatic scene
when I realized I didn't put the Glue far enough.
D*mn, and there's no way to recreate the picture
I'm a dummy photoshopper, remember?

Oh Shaky Hands

I didn't expect a good picture when I got shaky hands while pressing the shutter button.
but the results are not as blurry as I expected too :p

Monday, December 06, 2010

Playing with toycam

I want to be so many things, but one thing for sure, I'm not a photographer.
I bring my camera almost everyday, but rarely took pictures, even when I was traveling.
I hate taking pictures of other people nor myself.
I don't like taking picture of things I could see in postcards.
so I'm really not a photographer.
Now I got something what so called toy cameras (toycam), and I enjoyed taking pictures with the toycams.
I'm not promising any pretty or interesting pictures for you, but at least it's interesting for me.

Here are the pictures taken from my Kurodigi

the rainbow at the rooftop
at the garden of daisies
 broken hearted Frankenstein

below are the pictures captured with Xplusdigital:

the first thing you see outside the Studio I've been working at, really it's not that interesting :p
Kupir, my favorite model 
An & Mon

and here's from my first toycam, disderi 2 lenses (not digital)

I had took a lot of pictures with my toycams, but I must admit, not every picture goes well
Hey, it's a toycam, I'm playing with it, at least I'm having fun :p