Friday, May 20, 2011

Auction mode

When I talk about camera, it means: I don't have anything to post right now, but must keep this blog active anyway.

I got something, but I haven't edited it, so pretty much the same.
Very unproductive graphic/multimedia designer -_-
I work, so of course I draw and create animation almost everyday, but umm... I don't wanna share the work here,
so I waited until I created a side project of my own, something unrelated to my daily work, which is rarely done,
except the yarn toys of course :)

back to the camera, there was one mode that make me love my camera, at least its manual.
Auction Mode.
Here's the pic I took using the auction mode:

yup, you can instantly took multiple pictures collected in one frame.
Like its name, this mode could be practical for selling stuff when you need to show the stuff in multiple views.
I found that the camera is definitely for me, is because on its manual, they also used amigurumi as the object.
I was like Awww... this is really My Camera :p
Yashica Ez- w501  (and now I seems like making free advertisement)