Saturday, February 26, 2011

Unused artwork

as someone who refer herself as a designer, I try to keep making some artworks in my spare time.
so I have something to show on my deviantart or this blog.
But it rarely work, I prefer sitting in front of my TV, knitting or crochetting than doing some artwork at my desk.
And even if I could force myself to work at my desk, it's not always work as I wanted.
for example, here's some artwork I made for my android giveaway last year:

I used paper cut for the illustration. it was almost finish, I just have to make some small android robots, but suddenly I got lazy, because I hate the colors, and there's no ctrl+z and color editor on making paper cut illustration.
so I decided to make digital illustration instead. the quick one. this one.

well this illustration is not the only unused artwork I have hidden at my desk, there's a lot of unfinished artwork there too :(