Thursday, December 17, 2009

keep the drum rolling a little bit longer...

I was planning on making a new post today. Yes, I do make a new post now.
Not exactly like what I was planning to post.
It was not going to be a "happy" post, but I was looking forward to the bright side.
Now I'm not sure there was going to be a bright side there.
on my twitter, I said, "I've prepared for my waterproof mascara, and silk handkerchief...."
(it's a metaphors anyway)
well sucks, nothing bad really happened.
Wait a minute! nothing bad really happened, could means a good thing!
But there still a big possibility that those bad thing will happening soon or later.
Oh please put me out of miserable!

however....this is my newest profile picture.
Yes, I've already put this picture since last week on my profile and my twitter.
And talking 'bout twitter, I won't say "please", but you may follow me :D
My twitter is not interesting compare to another designer, some people who knew that I'm a designer expect me to be crazy, but I'm not. So I've warned you.

See Ya...