Thursday, December 04, 2008

December Daisy

his a daisy. I made him because it spelled like my name, only mine is december, not a flower

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Squiddy in amigumi version

Squiddy is one of my favorite character that I made. Yup, he is on the top banner in this blog too.
As you can see, he is a boy, not a squid. His real name is Edward, but the other call him Squiddy, because his hair is like squid's tentacles.
I created him on 2002 for the "seventh ocean" comic, but until now, I still haven't finished the real comic. (Oops!). At the end of 2007, someone offering me to make comic strip for a local magazine. So I make a spin-off of "Seventh Ocean", and then Squiddy got a local name, Ujang Kribo ( a pretty corny name, which means Curly boy).
Now, I made an amigurumi version of Squiddy, I call him Akang (which means older brother). I took almost a month, just to make his hair (one by one), I told to myself that Squiddy's price will be at least 200 euros. Because it took a lot of my patience, and almost makes me crazy. And now the head is heavier than any part of his body.
However, I never mean to sell any of my amigurumi.
I'm proud of him, because maybe i will not make any amigurumi with those kind of hair again.
The upper image is the comic version of the amigurumi Squiddy, and the one below is the comic for the magazine.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Just in case you are looking for me, I will be on a vacation for this whole month (from June to July). I won't be able to receive or replied your e-mails, and I probably will not able to use my cell phone too.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Mon Ami Pierrot

I don't remember many things from my childhood memories, especially when I was under 4 years old. But I remember that I like a song, which title is "Au Claire de La Lune". I only remember the melody and the first line of the lyrics: "Au claire de la lune, mon ami pierrot" It means "Oh, bright moon, my friend, Pierrot".
Maybe that was why I always wanted a Pierrot doll, ever since I saw the pattern on the "crochet book". The Crochet book was in French, I never learned to read French language, that's why I can't make the doll by myself. I asked my mother and my sister to make it for me, but they only promised without ever make me a pierrot doll.
After I graduated and started working, I have so many spare-time that I used to re-learn crochetting. I started making amigurumi, and finally I make my own Pierrot in amigumi style.
It really doesn't look like the Pierrot on the French Crochet Book. The real Pierrot is in gothic style, and the size is approximately 10 times from my Pierrot. But still he is "Mon Ami Pierrot".

Monday, May 12, 2008

Introducing: Bonny Bunny

Finally after so many months, I am introducing Bonny the amigurumi-bunny girl!

I made it using the amineko pattern ( yes that famous amigurumi pattern), but in the end I change the ears and the tail, so it doesn't look like a cat anymore.

I change the eyes too, because, you see, the big eyes are my trademark. It makes her looks more creepy and more like a rat than a rabbit because her color is black. So I made her the pink-dress which was based on some pattern in a French pattern book. Well of course, I am not fully understand French, so I mix some pattern from different doll. And I think it still worked! I like her that I bring her on my bag around the town after I finished her.

She was my third, also my second amigurumi, because I haven't finished my first amigurumi. Maybe other people won't spend so many time just to make a simple amigurumi like Bonny. I am to lazy, and too tired of my primary job that I hardly get some time to sit and crochetting.

for more photos of Bonny Bunny click here

Friday, February 22, 2008


Welcome to Zuperdzigh's blog! This blog was made about one and a half years ago, but somehow I haven't got a time to arrange it. And now, I think it is safe to say that this Blog is relaunched, with new contents and new concept. This dump blog now transformed into my portfolio-blog. (Yes, you may say this is Zuperdzigh Portfolio).

Some people said that it is stupid to make a portfolio in a blog, that other may steal or use your design without your permission. But I think it would be such an honor if someone want to steal my design, that means my design is good. Yet, I admitted that having someone else take profit from stealing my work is suck. So please don't use any of this blog contents without my permission or you will have diarrhea for one year straight. (Yes there is a curse for every thief!)

Lastly, please enjoy this blog, adore my work and please leave a comment. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.