Thursday, December 15, 2011

Do you miss me?

if you read my blog, then you probably knew that I moved to Jakarta starting this December.
I still need time to manage my schedule, or say my life in Jakarta and also to manage my blogs.
I love blogging, I don't think I will stop no matter where I lived.
I only bring my netbook, which is enough to update this blog, but it's tricky to work the heavy duty.
but I believe I could do many other things (which I haven't try before) using my little friend, just see.


Monday, October 31, 2011

where's the amigurumi?

I think when someone saw my amigurumi photo from another site,
most people will search for "zuperdzigh" because there's zuperdzigh logo in most photos.
well I'm a designer/animator by day, and crafter by night, somehow I need to divide it into different blogs.
Zuperdzigh for my generally design related post, while Zpiderdzigh is for amigurumi.
so.. Just in case you are looking for the amigurumis, it's here:

Happy Halloween!

it's kinda unprofessional, instead of doing my to do list, I was working on this illustration because it's Halloween.
the trees textures are crappy cause I was in hurry to finish it  and working in GIMP using mouse is hell.
I made a big mistake when starting this drawing, I forgot that it's not vector, and I forgot to change the default resolution. So after finished the color base, I redo the drawing from the beginning.  Totally wasting time.
anyway... Happy Halloween!!!!

if only it's not Halloween but it's Christmas, I would ask for a new graphic tablet for me :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

from the archive: Indiana Jones

I was quite busy, so I haven't make anything new, so I browse my archive and found a comic I made about 7 years ago.
it was an assignment for the basic Illustration subject, to make a comic book based on your favorite movie.

Mine is the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.
I didn't remember how many times I watched the movie.

my version of "Indiana Jones"

my drawing back then, using corel draw.  Hahaha.. it's so "smooth"

my favorite part, the Monkey brains, and also Joe Rogan from Fear Factor

most of the comic page are like this, 4 panels of mixed story from various movie
By the way, the comic are in Bahasa, and right now I can't use my scanner, so you can't read the whole comic.
ah someday, I'll make the monkey brain fan craft too :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

green green grass of home

found this texturing tutorial by kiwin upt uo
and tried it

do you see what's missing?
I forgot to put the shadow :p
it's kinda funny after using flash for years, making animations become so easy, then back to traditional frame by frame animations

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Beruang in animated pixel art

I'm a new GIMP user and I still trying to explore the uses of GIMP,
I'm not into photo editing, so let's skip that part for now.
just like photoshop, GIMP can also be used to make Gif animation,
and I tried to make an animated pixel art.

the character was Beruang (=Bear or having money), based on a doll I made recently (oh so predictable).
Beruang has a lot of money, he ain't Uncle Scrooge, He loves to throw the money, cause he is so D*mn rich.
I wish I were Beruang.
I think my next task is to learn making grass texture and clouds.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Gue + Jejaring Sosial

 watch the animation here

while still searching for jobs, I made this animation for Increfest 2011,
a local animation and game competition held by the Department of Industry.
I knew about the event about 2 months before the deadline.
I was inspired by the social media trend among Indonesian teenagers.
I made the story with similar idea about last year, but never finished the animation.

I designed the character using avatar concept, a simplification form of the user's profile (umm.. I don't know how to explain it correctly)
the character design was done 2 months ago, but there's no progress at all for the animation until it was only 1 week left before the competition deadline.
so on the last whole week, I arrange a new BGM, a storyboard then the animation.
and there's a lot of trouble happened during the process, such as broken files.
you'll see that the first scene on the animation is kinda blurry, it was because of the original file was broken,
and I don't have enough time to recreate the scene.
and I actually did create the same scene twice.  Both ended up broken and can not be fixed or edited at all.
luckily, it finished right on time :)

I guess I'm the luckiest animator, cause I was chosen as one of the ten finalist over 64 competitor, and also won the best character award :)
tho I must admit that my animation is not as good as the other animation, I still have a lot to learn.
Thanks anyway

you could read the side story too in my knitting blog

Friday, October 14, 2011


while gathering a lot of GIMP tutorials, I found that it could also be used to make pixel art (here's the tutorial)
so I give it a try. I spent my morning doing these:

the object are the same, Anying & Teyong and cupcakes.

I tried to make pixel art a long time ago but never had a time to improve it again until today.
(and also because I'm a photoshop dummy)
now that I learn GIMP maybe I will try to pixeling again

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yay I'm rastering

I've been using graphic softwares for 8 years, and I rarely use raster graphic software
so, honestly I never draw anything using raster graphic software until I finally tried GIMP 2 days ago.
I wanted to learn Photoshop, but I ended up installing GIMP

this is the Day 1 result, shading using burn tool
and this is the 2nd Day result, I'm quite happy with this result

this is also 2nd Day result, with a little bit smudging

can't say I master it, cause I don't know if I'm using the tools and layers correctly.
and really I wanted to give up, since making lineart in raster is very frustrating, especially when you don't have pen tablet and scanner

and I know I still have to learn photoshop too.. but for now I think I will try GIMP some more.
any advice and comment are greatly appreciated :)

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Anying & Teyong : Cupcake

I recently found that I really like drawing sweet sugary food,
tho I'm not sure I'd love to eat real cupcakes.

anyway did I wrote Anying & Teyong has a lot of violence act? not this time,
but Teyong is constantly cruel >:)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Anying & Teyong : Mosquito

Anying & Teyong: Mosquito from dessy TAB on Vimeo.

Fresh from the oven!
it was fresh last night actually.

Made it right after I finished another animation two days ago (also a personal project, but I won't share it here yet)
this time instead making another animated gif, I made Anying & Teyong in short animation.
I resized it too so maybe it would looked better in handhelds.

So sorry if you found the sound/ BGM crappy.
I usually made the BGM first then the animations, but since it wasn't planned at all, well you'll see no.. Hear.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Anying & Teyong : Inner Peace

you may have guessed it, yes, I just watch Kungfu Panda 2 :)
it's really a fun movie to watch, especially in Indonesia during Lebaran.
Lebaran is about forgiving and being forgiven, and we can learn about "inner peace" from Kungfu Panda 2
(well I hope I'm not being a spoiler)

anyway, I found this Chameleon doing the inner peace in a bucket at my garden :)

Happy Lebaran! Find your Inner Peace :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Anying & Teyong : Balap Krupuk

anonymous asked me, "when will you post again?"
the answer was supposed to be "last week"
but.. I got a new Nintendo DS game which kept me busy last week :p
anyway, tomorrow (August 17) is Indonesian Independence Day.
we usually celebrate it by holding ceremony then a lot of games at the neighborhood.
One of the game called Balap Krupuk (Krupuk Race), in which the players have to eat krupuks which are hanged.
Since this August is also Fasting month, there might be no Balap Krupuk.
But it doesn't stop Anying & Teyong to play Balap Krupuk (well, perhaps)

you might need to refresh to see the animation from the beginning due to the gif size.

by the way krupuk is a traditional chip, made by flour (or shrimp), it is crunchy, and usually served as complimentary for main dish. But it's delicious enough to eat the krupuk alone as snack.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Anying & Teyong : Magic!

to celebrate Harry Potter's last movie (finally) shows in Indonesia, let's learn some Magic!

at first I want to make something more "Harry Potter" but since I never read the books, the fans might be angry if I made animation using the wrong spell.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Anying & Teyong : Bubbles!

an experimental animation project.
I was going to publish a daily animated gif at tumblr, but later find a lot of problem so I'm back to blogger.
it was supposed to be like a series of web comic but it's animated.
the characters are based on toys I made last valentine.
Hopefully there will be more :)
this series is called Zuppetdzigh (Zuperdzigh's puppet shows, or something like that)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lulu the Wolf in Lamb Cloth

finally! New Animation :)
made this for a national  television animation challenge (which I failed, tssk!)
the animation is based on the character I made months ago for my zpiderdzigh.
I usually made animations first then the toys, now it's reversed, I made the toy first then the animation.

the story was inspired by Korean bands which are very popular in Indonesia.
Teenagers went crazy about everything Korean, they even make Korean-styled boybands/ girlbands.
Most people think negatively about the trends, while me, I also think it was stupid, silly, but entertaining too.
maybe they will regret it or realize how silly they are in 5 or 10 years later, like me looking at the Backstreet Boys' old music clip.
but that's the fun of being young, to have some interest at anything no matter how silly it is.
so teenagers, this animation is dedicated for you :)

warning: the animation is about 24MB, so please wait patiently till it's loaded

Friday, July 08, 2011

dear Zeusbox Studio

I never wrote about my work at the studio (and I won't).
And probably it's the first time I ever write about Zeusbox Studio.
I've been working at Zeusbox Studio for 4 years, and last month was the last month I worked there.
The project is done, and it's time for another project.

Honestly there were times that I hate my job and almost give up.
but spending those years together with the team made it harder to move to another place.
I'm so thankful to ever being a part of the team, meet all the crazy crews.
don't tell them that I love working with them and I will miss them all
I will definitely miss their jokes and their awful taste of songs.

Thank you again for everything and good luck, boys!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Auction mode

When I talk about camera, it means: I don't have anything to post right now, but must keep this blog active anyway.

I got something, but I haven't edited it, so pretty much the same.
Very unproductive graphic/multimedia designer -_-
I work, so of course I draw and create animation almost everyday, but umm... I don't wanna share the work here,
so I waited until I created a side project of my own, something unrelated to my daily work, which is rarely done,
except the yarn toys of course :)

back to the camera, there was one mode that make me love my camera, at least its manual.
Auction Mode.
Here's the pic I took using the auction mode:

yup, you can instantly took multiple pictures collected in one frame.
Like its name, this mode could be practical for selling stuff when you need to show the stuff in multiple views.
I found that the camera is definitely for me, is because on its manual, they also used amigurumi as the object.
I was like Awww... this is really My Camera :p
Yashica Ez- w501  (and now I seems like making free advertisement)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Once on a Sunday Morning

I took MM (Multimedia) as a major back in college,
but instead making Multimedia like video, interface design, web design,
I enjoyed trying MM for Mix Media.
not because I'm good at mixing media, actually I really suck at making embroidery and painting.
this is my first attempt, how do you think?

again, it's based on my animation , see the crochet version here, and the animation here

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Unused artwork

as someone who refer herself as a designer, I try to keep making some artworks in my spare time.
so I have something to show on my deviantart or this blog.
But it rarely work, I prefer sitting in front of my TV, knitting or crochetting than doing some artwork at my desk.
And even if I could force myself to work at my desk, it's not always work as I wanted.
for example, here's some artwork I made for my android giveaway last year:

I used paper cut for the illustration. it was almost finish, I just have to make some small android robots, but suddenly I got lazy, because I hate the colors, and there's no ctrl+z and color editor on making paper cut illustration.
so I decided to make digital illustration instead. the quick one. this one.

well this illustration is not the only unused artwork I have hidden at my desk, there's a lot of unfinished artwork there too :(

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Do Not Do Not Ever

it's not an abstract picture, it's a warning
do not... DO NOT ever change the XplusDigital's mode to fast, it might broke your camera.
I got this broken image during the photo session for my Chinese Gold-gurumi
Luckily this "sickness" is not permanent

Sunday, January 09, 2011

My New Camera

New Year, New Camera, same eyes

Nothing change, I'm still the amateur photographer (if I might refer myself as photographer)
I don't think expensive camera would help me, or actually I thought it would be such a waste to buy a mighty and smart camera.
so I choose a Yashica EZ- W501
why? because it fits my budget, I did ask the seller, the cheapest digital camera (with Li-ion battery)
it's cheap (read: not that cheap) for a 14 MP and dependable enough.

And I didn't really know what it could do, cause I just need the macro mode for my amigurumi.
There are actually about 14 modes, but for now my favorite modes are the program mode, lomo mode, and auction mode.

the chili tree
using program mode (only red items shown in colors)

the broken lock
using the same program mode

the broken lock
using Lomo Mode

well you could easily do this with photoshop, but for me photoshop is never easy.
of course the "lomo mode" might not as good as the real lomo picture, but I think it's really good for an instant dramatic effect.
I highly recommend this camera for another photoshop dummy like me (please tell me, I'm not the only photoshop dummy in the world)

there are also other interesting modes, like fisheye mode, but I haven't use it.  I tell you more about the auction mode and the other modes next time.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

the old and the new

I really feel bad, since it's my main blog, zuperdzigh's zuperdzigh blog,
but I kinda neglected it because I was busy keeping my zpiderdzigh blog.

I can't promise, like making a new year's resolutions to keep updating this blog more regulary
but I can promise you that starting on today, I will posting more often than last year.

Not really design related post, I'm too lazy to designing at home after working daily at the office, but definitely will try to post something at this blog.

I don't know what will I do this year, but as a beginning,
I changed the banner up there from this:

to this:

a not-so-lazy beginning right? :)
let's hope I will do something more.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! have a prosperous year :)