Sunday, January 30, 2011

Do Not Do Not Ever

it's not an abstract picture, it's a warning
do not... DO NOT ever change the XplusDigital's mode to fast, it might broke your camera.
I got this broken image during the photo session for my Chinese Gold-gurumi
Luckily this "sickness" is not permanent

Sunday, January 09, 2011

My New Camera

New Year, New Camera, same eyes

Nothing change, I'm still the amateur photographer (if I might refer myself as photographer)
I don't think expensive camera would help me, or actually I thought it would be such a waste to buy a mighty and smart camera.
so I choose a Yashica EZ- W501
why? because it fits my budget, I did ask the seller, the cheapest digital camera (with Li-ion battery)
it's cheap (read: not that cheap) for a 14 MP and dependable enough.

And I didn't really know what it could do, cause I just need the macro mode for my amigurumi.
There are actually about 14 modes, but for now my favorite modes are the program mode, lomo mode, and auction mode.

the chili tree
using program mode (only red items shown in colors)

the broken lock
using the same program mode

the broken lock
using Lomo Mode

well you could easily do this with photoshop, but for me photoshop is never easy.
of course the "lomo mode" might not as good as the real lomo picture, but I think it's really good for an instant dramatic effect.
I highly recommend this camera for another photoshop dummy like me (please tell me, I'm not the only photoshop dummy in the world)

there are also other interesting modes, like fisheye mode, but I haven't use it.  I tell you more about the auction mode and the other modes next time.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

the old and the new

I really feel bad, since it's my main blog, zuperdzigh's zuperdzigh blog,
but I kinda neglected it because I was busy keeping my zpiderdzigh blog.

I can't promise, like making a new year's resolutions to keep updating this blog more regulary
but I can promise you that starting on today, I will posting more often than last year.

Not really design related post, I'm too lazy to designing at home after working daily at the office, but definitely will try to post something at this blog.

I don't know what will I do this year, but as a beginning,
I changed the banner up there from this:

to this:

a not-so-lazy beginning right? :)
let's hope I will do something more.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! have a prosperous year :)