Thursday, December 17, 2009

keep the drum rolling a little bit longer...

I was planning on making a new post today. Yes, I do make a new post now.
Not exactly like what I was planning to post.
It was not going to be a "happy" post, but I was looking forward to the bright side.
Now I'm not sure there was going to be a bright side there.
on my twitter, I said, "I've prepared for my waterproof mascara, and silk handkerchief...."
(it's a metaphors anyway)
well sucks, nothing bad really happened.
Wait a minute! nothing bad really happened, could means a good thing!
But there still a big possibility that those bad thing will happening soon or later.
Oh please put me out of miserable!

however....this is my newest profile picture.
Yes, I've already put this picture since last week on my profile and my twitter.
And talking 'bout twitter, I won't say "please", but you may follow me :D
My twitter is not interesting compare to another designer, some people who knew that I'm a designer expect me to be crazy, but I'm not. So I've warned you.

See Ya...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Angkot

Again, I am very busy this month that I haven't got something new to be posted here.
actually I have one... but I have to keep it as a secret for now. Don't worry, I'll post it here sooner or later.
So, let me share you my long time ago animation: The Angkot.
I made this animation for Nonzetflash animation contest.
I didn't win, but I kinda proud of this animation, for this is my first animation which use my originally-made BGM.
The BGM title is Nyoi, to be exact Nyoi two. Because I thought the sound I'm using is sounded like "Nyoi-Nyoi". (Nyoi has no meanings at all, in case you are wondering)
I'm still learning to make a better BGM, I am nothing compared to those cool sound engineers :D

you may watch the animation from my DA here

Friday, October 02, 2009


Just found out about odosketch few days ago.
I think I'm in love with this online application <3

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How to make bird origami

I almost forget the main reason I made this blog. Like the tag line in my banner, this is used to be a unnecessary blog with a lot of unnecessary guide. So here is my newest unnecessary guide, I hope there will be more to come :D

Friday, August 07, 2009

flash back

I'm a person who look at the past.
I don't have anything to post yet. It's a new month, I think I need to update my blog. Since this blog is not dedicated for my blah-blah-blah things, I think I'd rather publish my past animation.

check this out

I made this animation in 2007, for a competition, held by a University. I won the second place. The theme was product promo, and I chose microwave popcorn for my theme.

Well I won't write or talk about my animation's concept. I already did that nervously during the presentation for the competition. instead, I will tell you about the microwave popcorn literally.

That time I was craving for microwave popcorn so bad. Microwave popcorn are expensive, and I was barely survive my college days by my allowance only. (yeah, I didn't pay my college fees, but a college girl need a lot of things right?)

So the first thing I bought with the prize money was Microwave Popcorn with caramel. It was the very best microwave popcorn caramel I ever eat. Bought a microwave popcorn by making animation about microwave popcorn :D

Saturday, July 25, 2009

comic strip

I've wrote about my comic strip last year, well, here's the second part. Click the picture for a better view.
there's no 3rd or 4th etc tough :(

and by the way the first picture was the artwork for the comic. Right to left :Squiddy, Callypso, Picasso
well the Picasso appearance is kinda changing

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Go Green!

Lately, people talking about "go green". Every event held with go green-theme got very good responds. Honestly, I am not really concern about this go green stuff, because I like pink.

hmm... sounded like a stupid reason. Okay, I'll change my reason. I am not really concern about this go green stuff, but doesn't mean I don't care at all. I was accidentally involved with a go green event in the church. Yes, in the church. I am not a really religious person, so it was a double accident. I was just helping my high school friend in making a photography contest for this go green event. I didn't even care about the go green theme, but I thought that event was a very good event. Too bad I was just helping the photography contest comittee.

Before the event, I was consciously participating in a Global Warming Animation contest, held by Global Solutions. I made a flash animation, mother nature's love in 2 days only. But it took about a very long time to realize that I miss-spelled "plant" to "plan".

Last year I was participating for another global warming animation, held by Da Ai TV, a local television in Jakarta Indonesia. The title is "Small things I'd do for the world", unfortunatelly the sub is in Bahasa Indonesia. The story tell you step by step to go green. Again, I'm not a go green person, I was only do 30% from those steps mentioned on the animation.

I thought it's a little ironic, that people like me making animation about go green. because the process in making the animation is no green at all. Computer was used almost 24 hours a day? Countless paper for the sketch?

Thursday, June 04, 2009


It's been a while since the last post. Yes, not a while, it's been a long time since the last post. I have many things to write and post, and it is hard for me to stay focus on one topic, so let me get to the point

I won! Hurray! I won!!!!!
(Is it too "to the point"?)

On 2009, The Indonesian ministry of Industry held an animation contest for the first time. And luckily, I won the third prize in the professional category. When I said "luckily", it means I am truly lucky.

Wait a minute, am I a pro ? and right now in my head, I am screaming , "NOOOOO! Are you kidding??"

There were 3 categories for the contest, students, college students, and pros. I am not a student. I still have a "college student card", but I am not a college student anymore, I never paid the tuition since the 3rd year. So I wrote a statement on the CD, "I am not a student, nor a pro"

I have been working as an animator for 2 years, but I don't think I am a pro. It is different between making animation and being animator. I got paid by being an animator even when I'm not making animation, but I'm not always get money when making animation.

Hey... maybe I should not admit that I am not a pro. It is bad if I want to get a new job. So forget what you read... forget what you read.... :D

I am a pro, at least I have a signature from the ministry of industry which proof that I am a pro!

hmm... just in case you are curious about the animation, you may check it on:

Sajen (the new link a link link)

Please leave a comment, what do you think?

edited (february 24/2011): updated the link to the animations