Monday, November 14, 2016

Zero Celcius

My host already told me that they wouldn't be in town at October 30 but I just can't wait to leave all the drama behind, so I didn't reschedule my trip and I booked a room in a hotel in Leipzig.

October 29, I departed to Frankfurt, Germany, and arrived at October 30 then took a train to Leipzig.

It's really cold!!!!!!
It was 4 celcius, compared to the weather in Bandung, it was way too cold.
I had a bad jetlag, so I spend my time entirely at the hotel, although I did buy lunch at McDonald's.
It was Sunday and it was a holiday, so all the shops and mall are closed, that's why McDonald's is the best option.

I was really amazed when I saw the city centrum was really quiet, but there were a lot of families walking around. I meant, they must have known that the mall were closed, it was way too cold, but they still go outside no matter how old they were, from babies to elderly people.

I did ask Karoline, my host, at the other day.  She said, on Sunday they would go to the museum or to the park.  There are a lot of museums and park, the museums are indeed interesting, but the park is .. a park, normal park with a lot of plants, not a theme park, and they still go, by foot, although it's cold.

And it was shocking to see the google weather forecast next morning showing 0 Celcius.

I know it's not a thermometer.

But thankfully, after 2 days, I already adapted to the temperature. It was cold, I wore 3 layers of clothes, and I walk quickly to get warmer.

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