Tuesday, November 22, 2016

After the DOK

HUH? where's the story during the Dok?
if you wait patiently, you will read it, but not yet.
I only have nice experiences, that for sure :)

After the world premiere of "Pulang ke Indonesia", I got some invitation e-mails to submit the film and also some offer to hire "festival agency".  I'm not sure with the term, I guess it's an agency which will help me submitting my film to various festival.  It's a great idea actually, considering submitting the film takes time, money, and a hell of internet data.  But of course, you need a large sum of money to hire the agent.

SO, I am still doing everything by myself, but it is nice to know that there is an easier way to do everything.  And since I am currently self employed, I could spend days only to submit the film to various festival.  As a really novice filmmaker, I don't have festival strategy, or to be honest, to submit the film to other festival than DOK Leipzig was not in my plan.

My plan was to work as a designer again, as a normal employee, but the company cut me off so I need to change my plan.  Oh, I have started working as freelance designer and I got some projects, so I'll be fine.  For now.

I'm not confident at all with my animation so I only send it to few festival, preferrably the ones with free submission, but I did pay for some submission especially for the ones who invited me.  I know that there's a possibility that my animation wouldn't be selected but I am really thankful for the invitations.

Meanwhile, in Indonesia, I skipped the submission to film/animation festival, although I really want to participate and screening my animation in Indonesian festival.  First, because I am not confident with my animation. Second is because the rules and regulations are not in details.  Like, they don't mention what they would do with the film submitted.  This is important because there are some festival which doesn't allow submission of any film which is already in youtube/ vimeo.

So, I'm really sorry, I can't show the animation yet :(

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