Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yay I'm rastering

I've been using graphic softwares for 8 years, and I rarely use raster graphic software
so, honestly I never draw anything using raster graphic software until I finally tried GIMP 2 days ago.
I wanted to learn Photoshop, but I ended up installing GIMP

this is the Day 1 result, shading using burn tool
and this is the 2nd Day result, I'm quite happy with this result

this is also 2nd Day result, with a little bit smudging

can't say I master it, cause I don't know if I'm using the tools and layers correctly.
and really I wanted to give up, since making lineart in raster is very frustrating, especially when you don't have pen tablet and scanner

and I know I still have to learn photoshop too.. but for now I think I will try GIMP some more.
any advice and comment are greatly appreciated :)

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