Monday, October 17, 2011

Gue + Jejaring Sosial

 watch the animation here

while still searching for jobs, I made this animation for Increfest 2011,
a local animation and game competition held by the Department of Industry.
I knew about the event about 2 months before the deadline.
I was inspired by the social media trend among Indonesian teenagers.
I made the story with similar idea about last year, but never finished the animation.

I designed the character using avatar concept, a simplification form of the user's profile (umm.. I don't know how to explain it correctly)
the character design was done 2 months ago, but there's no progress at all for the animation until it was only 1 week left before the competition deadline.
so on the last whole week, I arrange a new BGM, a storyboard then the animation.
and there's a lot of trouble happened during the process, such as broken files.
you'll see that the first scene on the animation is kinda blurry, it was because of the original file was broken,
and I don't have enough time to recreate the scene.
and I actually did create the same scene twice.  Both ended up broken and can not be fixed or edited at all.
luckily, it finished right on time :)

I guess I'm the luckiest animator, cause I was chosen as one of the ten finalist over 64 competitor, and also won the best character award :)
tho I must admit that my animation is not as good as the other animation, I still have a lot to learn.
Thanks anyway

you could read the side story too in my knitting blog

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