Monday, October 17, 2016

Crazy October

September passed in a blink, and now is October.
First thing first... I have a website now!!!! So please do come visit it :)

it's my "professional" website.  I couldn't afford a web designer so I tried to make it by myself, and I only had 3 days to make it, so it's impossible to hire a ninja designer with no budget and time.

Someday... if I finally have the budget, I will hire a web designer.  but that after I repair my laptop.
or to be precised, when I finally learn to save money. I'm terrible at saving money.

As you can see from the screenshoot, I made the web for my new animation: Pulang (Going Home).  
Pulang is officially selected by Dok Leipzig 2016 to be screened at the Kid Dok programme.  And it will be a world premiere, so if you are happen to be in Leipzig, please come watch my animation :)

Read more about the film and schedule here

Currently, a lot of people helping me so that I could go to Leipzig, so I am really thankfull.  I still need to care of my Visa right now, and the time is running out, so wish me luck so that I could go to the Dok Leipzig 2016.

in the other hand, things are not looking good with my main job, but let's not spoiled the good news with bad news :)

Thursday, September 01, 2016

September Ceriaaaaa

September Ceria means Delightful September. Delightful, happy, cheerful.

It's a rainy season again but my mind is like a clear sky. I'm so happy, it's already September.
From July to January, there would be at least one birthday celebration of my family members.
Time goes by so quickly and when I looked at my blog I feel like I 've been missing a lot of thing because I rarely update it.

SO here's a quick update of what happened so far:
I've been working on some illustrations, clip arts and sticker project for a while.
I wrote some script
I played some video games
I'm still working for that Educational Company (yes, I should be grateful, but I'm not always remember to stay grateful, sorry about that)

AND.... I have instagram now! follow me @zuperdzigh, although I'm a lazy updater.

There's a big probability that my short animation: Pulang will have its world premiere in a special place. but I don't want to write too much about it before I am successfully make the DCP.
and I also have a lot of homework to do, like making trailer, filmography, CV, merchandise, many things I never made before. SO wish me luck ;)

Monday, July 25, 2016

coming soon, maybe next month, maybe next year, just maybe

a short animation.
coming soon.

I took almost 2 years to finish it, not that I was working on it every day.  It started 2 years ago, and I got tons of drama problems during the time.  it's done now.  But after spending so long time to finish it, I still not ready to show it to the world.  Would anybody care to watch it?

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

A designer who rarely drawing

I rarely drawing.
I made a lot of sketches but rarely finish it as a drawing, sometimes it stays as a rough sketches and the rest ended up as an animation. I rarely just drawing.
I just bought some pencils and suddenly in mood to draw, and I am suprised because I almost not recognize my own drawing, like.. I draw this?
it's not a masterpiece and a lot of people could draw better than me, but I think it's really different than what I usually made.
okay, I have to draw a lot more.

Monday, March 07, 2016

Remotely not Mobile only Remotely without Flexibility

Hi, I'm back!
The grumpy and negative me.

So I started working remotely. Or to be precise, I have been working remotely since last year, only me and one of my colleague working in Bandung, while the other crew are in Bekasi and Jakarta.
And now instead of going to the office, now I am working from home.
My colleague is a nice guy, but spending the office hour only with him is somewhat frustrating.
working in the same room with just the two of us feel suffocating.
I think we are getting along very well but I have this odd personality, that I tend to hate spending too much time with someone else.
Again, he is a nice guy. I am the bad one.

Okay so now I am working totally remotely but not mobile and definitely without flexible working hour.  Let's see what happen next

Monday, February 15, 2016

It Must Have Been Love

Do you know Roxette's "It Must Have Been Love" ?
It's a soundtrack for Pretty Woman.

The lyric was "It must have been love, but it's over now"
I just coincidentally choose this sentence as the title for this post.

If you following my social media activity, you'll know that I complained a lot about my job.
I might be unprofessional because I complained too much, but well, there are jobs that I do because I like to do it, and there are jobs that I need to do for a living.
My job at the company is the last one. 

But I stayed, at least for 4 years. I don't really hate it, so it must have been love.  I love it too much that I started to expect many things. And the problem is, the job is not a human, so it couldn't love me back.

It must have been love, because How could I keep on staying for the last 4 years?
Love is irrational, that's how my relationship between me and my job.  My brain told me to leave, but my heart want to stay.  And I already missed many chances to leave my job.

It must have been love, I'm not ready yet to let it over.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

My All Time Favorite Movie

For the last 3 years, I watched a lot of films, went to some Film Festival, and now I'm trying to make my own (animated) film.
I remember my first time going to a movie theater alone and crying, watching Captain Jack Sparrow. Because it was just sad watching a movie alone, far away from home (I was having internship at the News TV programme).
Now I am getting used to go to movie theater alone, and sometimes I prefer watching the movie alone to get better seat and better movie experience especially when watching horror movie.
My friends thought I only watch bloody - gore - horror movie.  Hell no.  I also watch different genre, here's my all time favorite movies:

I think a lot of people would claim that they love travelling.  But how about time travelling by a flying car? I always love time travelling movie, and this movie is my favorite of all.  It's funny, with twisted plot, iconic fashion, and manure LOL.
My little sister was born at 1995, and she have watched this movie at least twice, because this is a MUST WATCH movie.  I will hate you if you never watch it.  

Just kidding :*

picture grabbed from wikipedia

FRESH MONKEY BRAIN.  That's the first thing in my mind when I think of this movie.  I watched the VHS version, and I love this movie although that time I only understand the Monkey brain scene.  Then watch it over.  And over again on the DVD version, made a comic about it for the illustration class.  And yes, I made my sister watch it several times without Parent Guidance.  This movie inspired me, that I almost submit myself to the archeology program during the National University Selection.

picture grabbed from imdb

Somehow I like the concept of being stranded in an island and have to kill your own classmate to survive.  While some of them try to find another way, the other just adapted well and don't hesitate to kill their own friend. Although you spent your days with your classmate, you don't really know them once you are in this Battle Royale arena.

picture grabbed from imdb

4.  13 Beloved (2006)
Another survival horror movie.  This movie is funny, thrilling, and also bloody-awesome.  it's about a  lucky person, who is randomly chosen as a participant of the Game of 13.  Everytime he finished a challenge, he will get more money, the rule is to do whatever the challenge, without letting anybody else know about it.  There is also an Hollywood version of this movie, but forget it, this original, Thailand version is 100 times better.

picture grabbed from wikipedia

WHAAAAAT?  Yes.  I love Sound of Music.  And Happy 50th Anniversary!!!  I love singing, and when you sing you begin with Do Re Mi. I spent my school day in Catholic School, so they love screening this movie on many occasions.  My parents have the VHS version, and the movie is divided into 2 VHS.  I like watching the first part.  the second part is too boring.. I meant romantic.
picture grabbed from imdb

I do love Harry Potter series, Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbits too, but it's not a movie that I want to watch over and over.  Maybe not yet.  I wish I could put some animation on the list but... I don't think I have found my favorite animation yet.