Saturday, June 27, 2009

Go Green!

Lately, people talking about "go green". Every event held with go green-theme got very good responds. Honestly, I am not really concern about this go green stuff, because I like pink.

hmm... sounded like a stupid reason. Okay, I'll change my reason. I am not really concern about this go green stuff, but doesn't mean I don't care at all. I was accidentally involved with a go green event in the church. Yes, in the church. I am not a really religious person, so it was a double accident. I was just helping my high school friend in making a photography contest for this go green event. I didn't even care about the go green theme, but I thought that event was a very good event. Too bad I was just helping the photography contest comittee.

Before the event, I was consciously participating in a Global Warming Animation contest, held by Global Solutions. I made a flash animation, mother nature's love in 2 days only. But it took about a very long time to realize that I miss-spelled "plant" to "plan".

Last year I was participating for another global warming animation, held by Da Ai TV, a local television in Jakarta Indonesia. The title is "Small things I'd do for the world", unfortunatelly the sub is in Bahasa Indonesia. The story tell you step by step to go green. Again, I'm not a go green person, I was only do 30% from those steps mentioned on the animation.

I thought it's a little ironic, that people like me making animation about go green. because the process in making the animation is no green at all. Computer was used almost 24 hours a day? Countless paper for the sketch?

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