Monday, March 07, 2016

Remotely not Mobile only Remotely without Flexibility

Hi, I'm back!
The grumpy and negative me.

So I started working remotely. Or to be precise, I have been working remotely since last year, only me and one of my colleague working in Bandung, while the other crew are in Bekasi and Jakarta.
And now instead of going to the office, now I am working from home.
My colleague is a nice guy, but spending the office hour only with him is somewhat frustrating.
working in the same room with just the two of us feel suffocating.
I think we are getting along very well but I have this odd personality, that I tend to hate spending too much time with someone else.
Again, he is a nice guy. I am the bad one.

Okay so now I am working totally remotely but not mobile and definitely without flexible working hour.  Let's see what happen next

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