Thursday, November 06, 2014

Judi Tahunan

I have an unofficial schedule called: Judi Tahunan (Yearly Gambling).   As you may know I have a fulltime job at an educational software company.  I kinda like this job and I want to keep it as long as I could, but as an artist, I need to have my own project whether yarn related stuff or animation.   I promised myself that I would make at least one animation a year or an amigurumi every months.  The simplest way (not easy, just simple) to get fund for the animation is by sending it to the competition or festival.  Even though I didn’t win I could get a motivation to create the animation and show it to the audience.  Last year my animation got screened at Hellofest 2013, it was the best feeling I ever had as an animator, it felt even better than winning previous contests.

I don’t remember what I’ve done from January to March, I only remember that I started my Judi Tahunan at April 2014 by joining an animation competition held by a book publisher.  It was my very first horror themed animation, inspired by Eunice Nuh’s Poem: Seribu Mata (thousand eyes). the art was inspired by iOS Game: Yearwalk by Simogo.  It’s also the very first time I work with a narrator, Sari Kemala who is also a narrator at the company. The BGM and SFX was created  by Sandi Mardiansyah, a very good friend of mine who was a coworker at ZeusBox Studio.

The character (the girl) is based on Miriam, the girl from “ Si Manis Jembatan Ancol” , a popular ghost TV series back at the 90s.  At the TV series, Miriam braided her hair and she was bringing a food canteen for her boyfriend, a painter, but she got rape by some drunk men and murdered at the Ancol Bridge.  Later she became a ghost, a pretty ghost with white mini dress and long hair.

I didn’t win, but that’s not the worst thing.  Since it is based on a book and copyrighted, I can’t show this animation without screening right by the publisher and the author.  I already contacted Eunice Nuh, the author, and I already show this to her, she says she liked it.  I tried to contact the publisher so I could share it on youtube, and they said they will screened it on their own youtube channel after the contest over.  However, up to this day, this animation remain hidden.  
I though of uploading this animation secretly, and share it as a “cursed” video, so it would go viral, anybody who saw it will have constipation in 7 days.  No… it’s not The Ring :D

Then from May to August I worked on the animation for the ASEAN Animation Festival 2014.  I think I really hit the jackpot, thanks to this Festival, I got not one but two trips to Bangkok :).  I think it’s the best contest I ever joined.  Thailand has the best hospitality as the event holder.  They not only make a great ceremonial event, but also arranged a city tour for the participant.  Now I really love Bangkok and the people.  I also made some friends from the other ASEAN countries. it’s kinda funny we lived as a neighbour but know almost nothing about their culture.  Now I’m considering to visit Myanmar, because the winner of the contest came from Myanmar.  so I really would like to know the place who inspired them.

I became greedy, while waiting for the result for the first round of ASEAN Animation contest, I started making an animation about Earthquake for another animation contest.  I got my bachelor degree by making an animation series about Earthquake, so I still have a lot of references about this topic.  The challenge was to make a new animation about earthquake.  I decided to make a  more fun animation so the character were Bambang Bombay & Brambang.  it’s a pun of my family name: Bambang.  Onion in bahasa called Bawang Bombay, and shallot in bahasa called Bawang Merah or Brambang (if it’s fried).  Bawang. Bambang.  Do you see the similarity? 
why do I use onion or vegetable as the character?  Because I was bored of using animal and human character.  And Nature is the best teacher right? Vegetable and plant are part of the nature.  And... you can't learn about earthquake without knowing that Earth consist of many layers.  As Shrek said, Onion has a lot of layers, right :)
I didn’t finish the animation, because later I was working on the ASEAN animation. but maybe someday I would finish this animation.

From July to September I also worked on some project with my recurrent client.  I was very busy and tired with work, contest, and side project.  So by the end of the project I decided to take a break while sending submission to a residency program.  It felt funny to suddenly not doing anything beside my fulltime job.  So I go shop a lot, watch a lot of movie, even the crappy movie,  it gave a great damage to my wallet :p  I even bought a PS Vita, because I was so bored I didn’t have a mood to knit.

During the shortbreak, I made a very short animation called “Televisi” or Television. a short animation about energy (electricity to be precise).  I made it for Festival Sadar Energi, a festival about saving energy. The animation is done within 2 days, and the sound was made by Sandi Mardiansyah again.  and YEAH, I got a bad pain in the shoulder because of this animation marathon.
The animation didn’t win, but it’s really fun to make the pooping toaster scene.  (I didn’t make a typo).  

The festival was held by the ministry of energy (actually I forgot), and there was an awarding night near the place I lived, but it’s a closed event.  I didn’t got the invitation and I was in my pajamas eating Nasi Padang when the comittee suddenly called me. 
C(Comittee): “Hallo, Dessy, we are waiting for you and the team at the registration desk”
M(Me): “HUH?  What registration desk?”
C: “You are one of the finalist”
M: “But nobody told me that”
C: “HUH? Wait a second, I will call you again”. 

but nobody called me. I never knew what she meant.  it’s just too funny. I skipped a free dinner invitation by ministry.  who am I anyway LOL.

Few days later I got a call from hwbefgertlert  okay let’s skip this story for now for a surprise.  it is some kind of bonus round from a Jackpot machine.  I will tell you later cause I need to prepare a new Kebaya for this event. 
NAH… not a wedding nor an engagement party. it’s bigger than that :p

there are 2 months left before 2014 ends, but I don't think I will participated in any other animation event apart than I already involved.

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