Tuesday, February 05, 2013

From the Archive: Game Design

while I wasn't actively design many things at the past few years, I actually have some artwork that I haven't share.  Like this one.  I made this at 2011 as a test to be a game artist in a game studio. The test was to design a background for fighting game and one character design.

as you can guess, I was inspired by Venetia, and the masked hero is of course based on Venetian masquerade party.  Believe me or not it was the first time I draw a full background from scratch.  I love the moon. (fyi, I passed the test, but foolish me became to greedy).

Below, is another test for another game studio.  The test was to make a character design.  the studio didn't even reply my e-mail T-T.  No hard feelings, anyway.

by the way, I also made some icons and background for a real game, but since I haven't ask permission to publish it here I can't share it yet.
Oh, if you have any game project and need to design some game asset, do not hesitate to contact me ;)

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Anonymous said...

we're heading to the presidential election, maybe you can prepare some games with the candidates characters. :)