Thursday, December 15, 2011

Do you miss me?

if you read my blog, then you probably knew that I moved to Jakarta starting this December.
I still need time to manage my schedule, or say my life in Jakarta and also to manage my blogs.
I love blogging, I don't think I will stop no matter where I lived.
I only bring my netbook, which is enough to update this blog, but it's tricky to work the heavy duty.
but I believe I could do many other things (which I haven't try before) using my little friend, just see.


1 comment:

Tayusani Yuza said...

Blog kamu keren, tadinya gue kira ini blog punya anak korea jepang atau apa gitu hehehe, karya2 kamu menarik banget ^__^ salam kenal.. harusnya kamu memasang widget google conector supaya gue bisa berlangganan hehe..
by the way banyakin lagi dong efek2 kamera yashicanya 14nya klo bisa butuh banget nih soalnya lagi nimbang2 buat beli camera hehe

klo ada waktu mampir ke blog gue