Thursday, September 29, 2011

Anying & Teyong : Mosquito

Anying & Teyong: Mosquito from dessy TAB on Vimeo.

Fresh from the oven!
it was fresh last night actually.

Made it right after I finished another animation two days ago (also a personal project, but I won't share it here yet)
this time instead making another animated gif, I made Anying & Teyong in short animation.
I resized it too so maybe it would looked better in handhelds.

So sorry if you found the sound/ BGM crappy.
I usually made the BGM first then the animations, but since it wasn't planned at all, well you'll see no.. Hear.

I wanted to make the punching act more dramatic, with blood splatters here and there,but I kinda worry about things.
it's no secret that I like making animations for some events, and most events in Indonesia share the same rules: no violence content.
They didn't state their definition about violence but let me remind you,  the classic Tom and Jerry already been categorized as violence and Crayon Sinchan been banned from Indonesian television.
by the way rating is not really matters in here.
so even if I put PG13 or R to this animation, Indonesian children will eventually watch the animation with or without their Parent Guidance.

Anying & Teyong is originally designed as black comedy with a lot of violence act.
that's why no matter how bad I want to introduce Anying &Teyong to the world, I can't do it in Indonesian animation events.
while there are already a lot of cute but bloody animations in internet, there is this "new" Indonesian information and electronic transaction Law.
I don't know what inside that law, but there might be some rules about violence content,
we can easily watch Happy Tree Friends, but there's no guarantee if Indonesian animator made similar kind of animations they wouldn't be jailed. Who knows?

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