Friday, July 08, 2011

dear Zeusbox Studio

I never wrote about my work at the studio (and I won't).
And probably it's the first time I ever write about Zeusbox Studio.
I've been working at Zeusbox Studio for 4 years, and last month was the last month I worked there.
The project is done, and it's time for another project.

Honestly there were times that I hate my job and almost give up.
but spending those years together with the team made it harder to move to another place.
I'm so thankful to ever being a part of the team, meet all the crazy crews.
don't tell them that I love working with them and I will miss them all
I will definitely miss their jokes and their awful taste of songs.

Thank you again for everything and good luck, boys!

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klapertart said...

Iya, sama, aku juga seneng di sana. Meski aku mah cuman 1/2 taunan. Eh, iya gitu. Lupa lagih =..= Teringat masa berbagi tisu bersama. Halah ^^;

Des, meuni makin jago ajah O.O