Friday, June 25, 2010

My Name Card

Finally! I have a name card!
Nope, not a business card, only a name card.
No titles because titles don't give me the right definition.
I'm a designer, maybe an animator or something else,
but I don't think people would likely give a call only by looking at my titles.
I must be lucky if they do call me, but I'm not sure that I would be happy.
They wouldn't know what they are buying, if they didn't see my portfolio.

So here's my name card design.
I already print some on Java paper.
of course the real number and email address are in the printed version.
Plain but it's enough for now.


Justin said...

That's an interesting idea, not adding a title to your card. I think that's smart in your case, and possibly for me too, because I also do much more than just one thing. It's ashame you can't use an animuguri on your card though ;)

zuperdzigh said...

animuguri? I love that word, but I think i would sounded like anime-girl :)